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by Emily
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#941068 added September 26, 2018 at 7:34pm
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I have a lot to be thankful for
-- wee bit of bragging ahead --

Wowzers ... That Birthday week was bonkers! Made me feel *Crazy* at times, and then *Sleepy*, tired, overwhelmed, humbled, and *Proud*. I feel so privileged to have been welcomed back into this community as I have been and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to find it just as popping as when I left it *Bigsmile* WDC, keep doin' you!

The MB frenzy this week was out of control, but a few of my most recent acquisitions really made me feel the feels. Mostly because I was just partying hard with WDC and they showed up out of the blue in my inbox. Those are the best surprises *Blush* Unprompted recognition for being me. *Laugh* *Proud* Just doin' as I do and not expecting anything for it. Easiest way to make a WDC Addict, I'll tell you that.

Anyway, the first four are reviewing related, and I'm super proud of bouncing back into the reviewing side of WDC. It was due in no small part to this Birthday activity that I was able to get so many written: "The Celebrity Match Very good motivation competing against the lovely Mona herself, eyestar~ !
Below is a list of the reviews I completed during the Birthday Festivities

Before you read on, I really hate tooting my horn, but dang, I've been spoiled this week and am overflowing with giddiness! If I don't write down these feelings somewhere, I think I might just literally jump for joy, ha! *Ha*

Merit Badge in House Martell
[Click For More Info]

   Congratulations! We wanted to reward you for your outstanding participation in our 'Flash Review Event' for Martell warriors. We truly appreciate your efforts. Thank you! *^*Sun*^* ~Lornda, Maryann, & The  [Link To Item #power]

A handsome House Martell Badge from the generous Lornda for my participation in the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group Review Raid for the GOT Warriors of House Martell! #sunspearsforlife This was kinda my first experience doing anything related to GOT, but I'm hooked now! I can't wait for next year to cheer for our team!

Merit Badge in Positivity
[Click For More Info]

Just a small token of my total appreciation of your reviews of  [Link To Item #900009] . Having a whole novel receive reviewing love is just amazing!!! Os

A completely unexpected and beautiful badge from Osirantinous for my reviews of her novel "Lucifer's Pocket Calendar [18+]. Really, the pleasure was all mine! It has been a long time since I've actually read and reviewed an entire novel here, and gosh, I feel so accomplished! Can't wait for those expansions! *Bigsmile*

Merit Badge in Hedwig and Harry
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For paying it forward with style and class and great reviewing all the time!  Sending love and bear hugs!  *^*Heart*^**^*Teddy*^**^*Heart*^* Merit Badge in Congratulations
[Click For More Info]

A little something for being #1 on the most credited reviewers list.

These two badges congratulating me for my reviewing and for being on the most credited reviewers list. Um ... what? That's a thing? And I'm #1 on it? Wow, I've been gone too long! *Rolling* Thank you, ♥Pay It Forward♥ and brom21 *HeartB*

Merit Badge in Business
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It's WDC's 18th Birthday!  So why a business Merit Badge?  Well, you're just starting a new job, hopefully one that will lead to a nice career for you!  Happy WDC Birthday!


And then there's this little gem from my friend, Same Ol' Sum1 . I know I've told you already, Jim, but you really made my day with this surprise. I so appreciate your support and friendship and a hearty thank you for this gorgeous badge and the words you wrote in it. I hope I can live up to them *HeartO* *HeartT*

Now, there's little I haven't done on WDC, but I think it's high time to do one of the things I've been holding off on. I think there's a need for an "Aloha" MB in this place, don't you think? My special way to thank those super people who need thanking. Yep... it's decided. Commissioning a MB is my next goal. Stay tuned *Wink*

Have a great night/day everyone! Remember to be humble, grateful, and ...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Hold everything...

Something just popped into my email ...

*Shock2* *Shock2* *Shock2*
Airplane1285 !! Oh, friend, thank YOU!! I'm so lucky to have you in my life *Bigsmile* #bestfriendsforever

Wow, now I've really been spoiled! Thank you everyone!

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