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Book for my "October NaNoWriMo Prep" project!
Without giving too much away (you have to read the thing to know what happens):

The gods are in danger. Someone is trying to sever humanity's faith in them forever, which, if you don't know, doesn't just mean they die, it means they cease to exist. There is no afterlife for them, no chance of reincarnation; they are simply gone forever.

Needless to say, they don't really want this to happen, so they turn to the only woman who can help them: Evelyn Sinclair. And, even better, they really can't tell her why she's the only one who can help them or she (and consequently they) will be in danger.

And who'd have thought their greatest ally would be Lucifer, an entity believed by many to be the great enemy?

This is my attempt to combine the awesomeness of my favorite writers (Jane Austen and Neil Gaiman) into one novel. So, romance, snarky dialogue, and gods...I think I've got it.

NaNo 2011 novel prep! YEAH!

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