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Thoughts and takes on the way life presents....
Thoughts and takes on the way life presents....
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October 25, 2015 at 9:12am
October 25, 2015 at 9:12am
Write a whole bunch of new ones for your "Sunday News Blog"

Cliche bomb everybody's comments section. Have some fun.

I'll be checking in, and Merit Badging the best new cliche and the most new cliches.

Don't forget to write.

For the headlines, I am nixing the same old same old and getting straight to the bottom line by opting to hightligh this oldie but goodie. No cheap thrills today. Just a quick little foray into the ancient achieves of the Baltimore Sun. Enjoy. I know it's not local for me, but we are all related and we should just get along, right? (This is the most democrat I will ever be.)

The Bottom Line on Cliches
By ERNEST F. IMHOFF | August 1, 1993
The British Broadcasting Corporation wants to get rid of its cliches with a new style book aimed at banning tired phrases. At The Baltimore Sun, getting rid of just one cliche, such as "the bottom line," might be as tough as cleaning up the Chesapeake.Since 1990, Sun and Evening Sun writers, letter and other writers and subjects used the accountants' phrase, "bottom line" (the point of something) 2,094 times. In a July 1993 sampling of 50 examples, Sun story or headline writers used the phrase 16 times; others or people quoted were guilty the other 34 times.
October 24, 2015 at 9:27am
October 24, 2015 at 9:27am
Tossed a lot, turned a lot looked at the clock it read 2:30.
Tried closing my eyes, but ended up tossing and turning some more.
At 3:30, I am staring at the wall again.
FTS! I shall eat some corn chips that Matt brought home.
Still awake. It's watch the moon and/or the backside of the neighbor's house or watch an episode of Barney Miller. I choose the Old 1-2.
At 4:00 a.m. give sleep another go. This time Sophie (our cat) snuck in. I tried burying her under the covers, but she got out. My last conscious act was putting my arm under the covers so Sophie could play hunt.
Wait, Tom woke me up at 7:30 to let Sophie out for a bio-break.
3.5 hours of sleep. It's going to be one of those days.
October 23, 2015 at 8:15am
October 23, 2015 at 8:15am
Name a fashion or a trend that is currently out of style that you wish would make a comeback? Or name one that you wish would disappear forever.

Come back trend would be those cool belts that you could wear at an angle or have the buckles look ultra cool. Now they are just something to hold your pants up and are not a fashion statement.

And disappear forever would be the pants on the ground status. Those idiots walk like ducks and think its cool. We are going to have an incredibly high level of back problems in 20 years because these young bucks don't have a brain to think for themselves. Now if the women would just power up and tell the boys to pull their pants up, life would be good. But the young ladies are not secure enough to do that. It's a shame.

See if you remember this one....


October 22, 2015 at 7:36am
October 22, 2015 at 7:36am
Day Four:

Yesterday's prompt lied. Money isn't evil - politics are evil! Tell us how do you
escape the political situations and what you think about political correctness,
politicians, government, office/school/church/neighborhood politics and how you can escape
them - if you do.

To escape the politics of the day, i turn off the TV, and hide the boss's paper so that i don't see it. My daughter gave me this website that is isidewith.com. I filled out the questionnaire and found out that Ben Carson and the Donald are my top two. Ben is in the number one spot and the Hillary megaego is on the bottom. Knew that before I took the test.

As for political correctness? I ignore it. It is main culprit for all the divisiveness in this country. Just say what you think, someone will say their feelings are hurt and you get to have a conversation. But have the media police slam stuff down your throat makes people lawsuit happy. Not everything is a lawsuit. Put on your big people pants and find your moral compass. If you focus on your me, what the other person is doing won't matter so much.

And for God's sake don't take that to applying to kids. You are accountable for your kids so make sure they are behaving properly. And don't worry about what the other person thinks about your methods. If they say something it will probably be "thank you for minding your child".
October 20, 2015 at 10:54pm
October 20, 2015 at 10:54pm
** Image ID #2061171 Unavailable **
The moment is frozen in time. There sound of the scream was silenced by an unknown force. The dimensional shift usually happened with only a moment of time lost. This time, it swept in with enough force to leave the occupants of both worlds terrified and frozen for several seconds. This shift was lasting much too long. When time fell back into its natural order, the grandmother would go back to her morning ministrations taking only a brief pause to wonder why her heart was racing so fast. The Tristram, on the other hand, had to move. It did not want to be returned to the underworld without a prize. It could smell the terror of the grandmother. Its ears twitched to locate the pounding heartbeat. It needed to feed. Its eyes did not work in this world, but its other senses were highly tuned. It had to get its prize before the shift occurred. Too soon the Tristram could feel the shift picking up speed. It had to move, and yet could not. It could not understand the forces that were holding him in one spot. That is when it felt the feathery breath of the halo sphere. It now knew fear. The Tristram could only function in their own world and this one. The halo would deposit him in a world that would not feed his needs. The Tristram had to break the bonds of the halo.
October 13, 2015 at 8:30am
October 13, 2015 at 8:30am

** Image ID #2055535 Unavailable **
“I see a strange place that has only one splash of color at the bottom and then meanders off. What does that mean?”
“What color?”
“Purple. Glassy shiny purple. What does it mean?”
“Colors usually point to an emotion or symbolism. Purple is usually the color of royalty. The depth of the color will show where you are in the journey.”
“What does puke green indicate? Because that is in the background and then dark green in front.”
“Green is the color of love. It could be an indication of love fading.”
“What does a boat indicate? I see a boat on a purple river.”
“Boats are a sign of prosperity.”
“I am in that boat sailing toward a mountain. Is that good?”
“Yes. It signifies wealth and prominence.”
“Prophet, why am I having this dream over and over?”
“It is what will be. You will experience one deep and rich love and it will fade quickly. Your life path is to take the thrown and leadership demands that go with it. Your journey will be peaceful and calm. Make no mistake; your lover cannot take this journey with you. If you choose your lover over your destiny, it will not end well. There is only harshness and sadness in that path.”
“I don’t know.”
“Candidate, your choice is clear. The spirits will make your path clear. But you will always have freedom to choose. Do you choose a life of leading this world to rebirth or a secondary one? Your dreamscape shows what will happen if you follow your birthright. If you do not follow your destiny, circumstances will adjust to put you back on the correct path.”
“I know. I know. When?”
“How many steps are in your mountain?”
“I don’t know. It looks like one continuous river to the top with five curves.”
“Where are you in this journey?”
“At the beginning.”
“Where in this journey do the colors fade?”
“The second curve. About.”
“You have two cycles to remove your affections from you dalliance. If you have not completed the task by the fourth cycle, the choice will be enforced.”
“I think I knew that already.”
“Yes, you did…and do. You know what is demanded of you.”
“I will make the choice in time. Right now, I need to be loved. Do you know what I mean?”
“Yes. And I know making the choice is not in you. The choice will be enforced and you will then lead with power and conviction. But that power will only come when you have experienced extreme loss and through that, find your strength.”
“Until then, I will live like today is my last.”
“No! Learn from each experience. You will rely on the lessons of this time for the trials that are to come!”
“I understand.”
“Do not look so forlorn. I have a gift for you that will help you in the coming journey. Receive the blessings you will need in the coming times.”
“These pegs look like the boat in my dream!”
“Here is your board. When you place a piece in the board, any piece, it will reveal your next move.”
“What did I do to deserve a prophesy board?”
“The spirits do not reveal the reasons, only their choice. You are their choice. This is their form of communication with you. My role is complete. Your journey begins now.”

October 12, 2015 at 10:59pm
October 12, 2015 at 10:59pm
Prompt: What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in a terrifyingly dangerous situation? Could you keep your calm? What would be the first reasonable thought to occur to you?

Surprisingly, this actually happened a couple of times. The first time, i was young and fresh off the farm, so to speak. It was a sorority house of victorian styling. My bedroom was one that must have resembled the servant's quarters. I had to go through one bedroom to get to the back bedroom. one night when all the girls were out for the night, someone was cutting through the screen in the bedroom. I was a good Catholic and I prayed to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and every saint I could think of to get me out of that situation. It worked. He stopped mid cut and I was given the blessed gift of sleep. Nothing happened and I was "told by God" not to investigate. Sleep is a good thing.

The second time, my sister is a two lane highway driver only. She is fine until she sees more than two lanes in one direction. I told her I would drive at the next pull off. The next pull off was that V at the bottom of an entrance ramp where it merges with the freeway traffic. That is where she stopped the car, jumped out and we switched drivers right there. I quickly merged with the traffic. I asked sis if she was alright. She said yes, she was under the seat and didn't see anything.

So boys and girls, I learned that prayer and laughter are good releases from potentially dangerous situations.

October 7, 2015 at 9:45pm
October 7, 2015 at 9:45pm
Prompt: What kind of music did your parents listen to? Did it influence you to listen to the music you listen to now?

So this brings back memories. My mom had a collection of opera and classical and one, just oooonnnneee, (imagine me waving a single index finger at you) what might be considered modern song, and it wasn't even in English! She loved Eres Tu. It is the only song she would play. My dad liked the song because he knew mom was frisky when that song was playing.

My dad was quite fair minded. He had five kids and asked each of us what music we liked. We did not know what he was up to, so it was either be truthful or be dumb. I said, Partridge Family: Vicki said Lynn Anderson, Dad admitted he liked Glen Yarboro, Mom said Johnny Cash. The other three sibs said I don't know so we ended up with Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty (because an I don't know in my family means you forfeit your choice to the giver of gifts.) Surprise, he got an 8-track player, man those things made the music sound crisp. The only thing I did not like is that it clicked to the next track mid-tune.

How did this influence my music choice? In high school, we all had to be in band and play marches and arranged music. I was ready to bust out by the time I hit college. So it was all New Wave. I loved it. The best thing about New Wave is the hook lines were so easy to remember and the rhythms had us spinning and popping all over.

By the time I started having kids, I was sticking with the 80s music. I hated that rap crap. Still do. The girls were in orchestra and band and they truly appreciate the music my mom liked. My mom was a talented musician who hid her talent under a bushel basket. Of all the sibs, I am the only one who had any real talent with the instrument. The boy hated band and likes the 80s and obscure stuff. As for me, i am now back to "Country". Probably because it has the most 80s feel that you can find.

I am glad my mom had some influence on me and my kids. She is gone, but her love of music lives on. It took me all this time to realize that I made that cornet sing like a trumpet. It took talent to pull sound out of an instrument that it was not designed to do. My eldest daughter can fiddle around and pull decent sounds and rhythms out of any nonstring instrument she picks up. She is most talented in trumpet and french horn. The second daughter can play stringed instruments and make them sing. She is quite talented. She is not as performance minded as the eldest. The boy has no instrument talent at all. He takes after his dad. Which surprises me because his granddad made a living as a piano player in a band for a bit of time in the Depression.

So that's my story. Thank you, mom, you kept the music alive. Thank you, dad, for putting up with all the mayhem with five kids in band concerts or marching bands ... (and mom's private lessons for each of us.)

One more quick story. Cindy and Brenda both chose clarinet instead of brass. Mom could fake it with a brass instrument, but all she could do with a woodwind is yell up the stairs that they hit a clunker. Years later, they admitted to mom that they taped their practice and would play cards until the tape was done. They thought for sure she would catch on to the same mistake in the same place, but she never did. Vicki like the baritone, because mom could show her how to play it. Vicki would sit quietly and when mom was winded and had her practice in, she would hand the horn back to Vicki and ask if she got it. Vicki would say "I think so" and go back to messing it up. Mom tried to teach me the cornet, and she did a good job. With me, she would not play it, but she would be the metronome in my ear. Proof that she did the job is that I was always second chair in a 20 piece section. I could have had first chair if I had a trumpet but oh, well, I did not know that until years later, and I am still claiming bragging rights to making an instrument sing when it was not designed to do the things I was demanding of it.
October 4, 2015 at 7:48pm
October 4, 2015 at 7:48pm
** Image ID #2055534 Unavailable **

This should have been their time. When he closed his eyes, she was with him, snuggling up next to him. He could see the moon glow falling softly on her soft dark curls. With the soft sent of Jasmine on the air, all the memories surged up and he could no longer hold back the tears that traced crooked paths down his cheeks. Usually the deep inhaling would ease the ache constricting his chest. Usually.
This should have been their spot. The water lapping up next to the boat as the fish would perform aquatic acrobatics to get the mosquitoes that were skimming the surface of the lake. The water provided some protection from the tracers, and the secret police. They probably would have been safe here. Probably.
This should have been wonderful. Away from the world leader who used his melodic voice to bring an end to the freedoms he grew up with. In the quietness of this spot, he could almost forget the Government round ups and fake trials for non-existent crimes. Almost.
This should not be his reality. He in hiding and she on the moon colony in forced labor. He wondered why he continued to elude detection, a trial, an imprisonment for no wrongdoing. He wondered who is benefactor could possibly be. That was a lie. In his core, he knew. In his core, he knew they were waiting on shore to take him in custody. The chip implanted near his brain stem did not lie. The chip allowed him these brief periods of serenity. Maybe it would allow him to again avoid those brainwashed goose steppers. Maybe.

October 2, 2015 at 11:50pm
October 2, 2015 at 11:50pm

Write a short bio for yourself in today's blog. Tell us all of your likes and dislikes.

I am in Nano Prep. Check out my folder call One and Only. I like writing clean stuff. My sister said she wanted this story to go novel length, so I am honoring my lovely sister the best i can. She has been the fodder of many of the stories I write. She takes it on the chin and loves that she is the inspiration for some of the best stories. God, family/friends, country....in that order are the things I love most.

I hate being lied to. I hate freeloaders. I dislike the disruption of protestors like Black Lives Matter who think they are better than God. I dislike the Obama with a passion that defies logic. I call him the Evil One.

I believe that we are in the End Times and you all better get right with God before it is too late. I don't like to judge, but here are "people" I find worthy of the death penalty
rapists, child murderers ISIS, Muslim extremists who Jihad on women and children, gangsters of all forms, Obama for all his war crimes

I do not say I am without sin. We all sin in one shape or another. It's just that the crimes committed by the above are so extreme that they have given up their right to live in civilized society.

I'm done with my rant. Save your speech for someone who cares. I don't. My opinions are based on facts as I know them. If you disagree, God Bless America, you have that right. I just don't want to hear about it. That's all

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