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Newly hired as a footslave to the princess, Toadette takes you through her wild new life.
After struggling for a job, a young adult Toad finally gets accepted at the castle of the mighty Princess Peach. Unfortunately for Toadette, her world is turned on her head when she discovers she has the role of a footslave. Not daring to quit immediately, she pushes through and ends up in scenarios she never imagined in a million years.


Content Warning:
This story deals with topics such as foot fetishism and sexuality. So, if you continue, it's your own fault if you're uncomfortable.


This is a continuous story that is split into chapters.

Before reading, you may want to know this. Chapters 1-8 have been completely rewritten compared to their original postings on DeviantArt. However, they currently lack updated illustrations. They will be given some in the future.

Chapters 9 and onwards are similar to their DeviantArt equivalents, though may contain a few grammatical corrections. All of these will use the original illustrations.

I hope you enjoy this look into Toadette's insane life.

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