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Folder containing spiritual, mystical, and religious poetry and essays.
Treasures lie hidden beneath the throne of God; the key to those treasures is the tongue of poets.
A Tradition Quoted by the Bab

Silent Echoes

Vibrations reverberate through my soul,
Echoes from the second of creation,
Two letters forged into a single work,
Penetrate the primordial atom,
Mater and energy burst into bloom.

This is a picture of me at a poetry reading.

Love's Miracle

For your love dragons inhale their own breath;
breathe flame by flame the ashes of desire.

For your love the Sphinx stands on its stone legs
and walks into faith’s equinoctial fire.

For your love Phoenix ignites it own pyre;
ascends scarlet plumed into paradise.

And I, Beloved, strive to transmute
the lead of doubt into faith’s beaten gold.

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