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Ok so I am addicted...
I am addicted to this site. My housework gets overlooked. My finger are asleep as I surf hour after hour. I tell my kids, "Go play" so that I can read and write more. I can not stay away from my site. But hey, I know I am not the only Writing.com junkie!!!
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April 21, 2003 at 9:05pm
April 21, 2003 at 9:05pm
That is that jaw thing in case you don't know what TMJ is. You know life sure is strange sometimes.
About a month a friend of mine started wearing a brace during the day for her TMJ. SHe explained it to me and said she had a guard to keep her from grinding her teeth. SHe said her dentist had said a lot of teachers get TMJ because of stress and we tend to grind our teeth. Her dentist told her how a lot of other minor health problems such as sinuses, headaches, concentration and so on can be affected by this. Well as she spoke I thought. My jaw doesn't hurt but I sure have a lot of those other things she mentioned. And it did go through my mind I might suffer from this --- and then I pushed it away thinking I am just being a hyperchroniac ...
Well i have been having this ear ache for no reason. Then I got this weekend a toothache. THen it moved around in my mouth. I thought I had a cavity and then I thought my teeth are hurting from a sinus infection. Well it throbbed on and moved. I went to dentist today and he said TMJ. I was shocked. Then thought " yeah I guess i should have known.
So I now will be wearing a night guard. Hopefully I will not need the brace. My mouth feels like all the nerves are exposed. My muscles are so tense. I think I made it worse this weekend and it flared up when I chewed gum .
I have got to learn not to grit my teeth when I am stressed. I do it day and night.
April 19, 2003 at 8:23pm
April 19, 2003 at 8:23pm
Yes, so I am changing my title every now and then. I am a changer after all.
Today we went to Mom and Dad's for a little Easter Egg hunt for the kids. It was nice as my counsin and her little girl and my aunt and uncle were also there. The thing is growing up my cousing and I were inseparatable esp. on holdays. I can;t think of an Easter Egg hunt that we weren't both togetther. SO it was nice having another one after so many years with our kids. She and my sister both have 2 year olds now so it isn't just my two anymore. It was nice to remember and to make new memories together as well. I had such a good childhood and i am glad I am able to provide the same for my children. It is the little things that matter most in life. I thought about that today as we remembered. How many little things stick in my mind that the old folks don't even remember yet they made an impression on me. My younger cousin amazed me as she can remember things that i had forgotten such as different games we had and my brother getting hit by a frizee in the nose. I had not even remembered any of that until she said something and it jarred my memories barely. Such a nice day. Tommorrow we go to my in-laws for another nice day of making memories for my kids.
April 16, 2003 at 5:27pm
April 16, 2003 at 5:27pm
They say time flies when you are having fun. That is true. I met my husband 19 years ago and about 1 hour and fifteen minutes ago. Now for some of you younger guys and gals- I know how you think that that was a long time ago. But in truth it was only a fraction of time. I can hardly believe it has been so long. I mean-- I can remember when we first met and a friend of mine had been married about that long and I thought she was so old. But now I know it was just I was so young. Love only gets better as you get older. I wouldn't have believed that before-- until I lived it.

We were both in high school. I got off my bus and there was Craig again riding a motorcycle at his Grandmother's-- right next to the store which was my bus stop. Well, ( I was kind of shy), he asked my mom if SHE wanted to ride. My mom bless her heart said " No but I know my daughters do." Well then he raced us home ( a mile up the road) He and I stayed in the yard talking for hours and hours. He came back the next day and the next. Within three days we were in love. He told me the first time as we lay on my mom's bed. ( not what you think) that he thought he loved me. We had been talking to my mom and looking at yearbooks. She walked out of the room and we kissed and then he told me that. I was in Heaven because I knew I loved him. We had already gone out on our first date by then. Well the rest in History as they say. WE met young and dated for 6 and a half years. It was a long time but we played it smart -- going to college and getting our careers going first. There was never any doubtin my mind that we would marry. I think of how strong that love was when we first met and I would have told you then I couldn't imagine loving anymore than then. But I do today. I love him even more. IT is a deeper love and he still makes my heart beat fast when I think of him. I know I am so lucky.
April 11, 2003 at 10:53pm
April 11, 2003 at 10:53pm
My sons mean everything to me. I try to give them everything in life as far as love, security and a feeling that I am always going to be there for them.
I have been thinking how lucky my family is as my children have parents that love each other. We show that love to each other and to each of them.
As a teacher I see a lot of mixed families. You have a lot of divorces now a days. I truly don't know how a single parent does it. I know it takes a lot.
The thing is a child needs your time more than anything. They need that cuddle up time. They need you for homework time or just to read a book. They need you to play a favorite game with them. They need you to be there when they don't feel good and when they do feel good. A lot of parents don't get that with their kids. They have to work longer hours. I know I have a parent that works very late several nights a week. Her son doesn't see much of her. She is a single parent. I can't imagine my children and I being separated like that.
Lately I have been feeling guilty because I have been so tiired. Several afternoons and esp. on the weekends, i just nap. I know I deserve it and my kids seem fine with it. But then I think am I giving a signal to them. One of not paying enough attention to them. I mean I am paying attention to them-- but I haven't spent much quality time with them. I know it is just me-- but I want them to grow up thinking--- my mom always had time for me and nothing else was as important. Or will they think- my mom worked alot and she was so tired all the time--- but she loved me. Well maybe I am being a little dramatic. But I feel like that sometimes. MY oldest has asked for us to go to a movie together. I think I will quit putting him off and take him up on it as soon as I can. I just want them to remember me doing a lot of different things with them. I know I treasure that from my own parents. Even today I like to go home and spend some quality time with them.
April 7, 2003 at 7:43pm
April 7, 2003 at 7:43pm
This week is "testing week." We are taking "The Big Test" this week. Teachers hate this time of year because it is stressful. Some schools make major decisions based on test scores. They shouldn't base it only on test scores but they do. For instance, at my school your job can be booted if your kids don't score well. ANd by well I mean well above the national level as we are a private school and our expectations are set higher. My principal actually told grade level that he was going to compare our test scores to see who moved up to another grade level which none of us want. He is thinking the highest move up. If we were dishonest-- we might try not to want our kids to have the high test scores -- or we have to move a grade level.
Today one of my kids sat looking at his test for 20 minutes. He refused to do it until I told him it was for a grade ( I lied). Thing is he is a lazy child who goofs off all the time. I am always having to talk to his mom. He just decided he didn't feel like doing it so he wasn't until I intervened. He didn't finish his test in the time period. Now tell me is that fair? He probaly shot my scores to hell but oh well- it's just my job being on the line. Thankfully, I think I have several high scorers and that will even things out.
April 6, 2003 at 10:10pm
April 6, 2003 at 10:10pm
Now we know the real reason some of the countries weren't supporting us in war. They were selling weapons and gosh knows what else to Iraq. They should be embarassed as the truth of their actions is starting to come out.
March 31, 2003 at 9:48pm
March 31, 2003 at 9:48pm
I am still addicted to this site. Since the first day almost two years ago that I found it, I have been engrossed into it. My hubby even gets jealous of all the time I spend here.
My second upgrade went through today. I had let my other run out. Shame on me. Now I am ready to add from my 14 items to who knows how many. Now I need some help. I only have 7 ratings after almost two years. HELP> I NEED MORE> I am pitiful. I don't think I write all that bad.
Thinking today! OH NO! That is what my hubby saids back to me when I say I have been thinking. O..k. I was thinking how it weird how I can tell when I am getting sick because a couple of days before I do- I get this strange hunger feeling. I am so hungry and it is a different kind of nagging feeling of being hungry. I mean I can eat and still be hungry when I am getting sick. And i only do this when I am gettting real sick-- like the virus or flu or strep throat. So now I am thinking I need to g to bed and take some vitamin c or something and try to avoid this thing. SOunds weird I know. Hey here is another thing that my doctors can't figure out. In fact I think they thought I was crazy when I told them about it-- until they saw it. When I get a bacterial infection or when I take something like pencillicin -- my thumb gets really red and I do mean red. It gets sore and tingles. Then after a few days of being sick-- I start to get well but my thumb is still red and has fever in it. It will be sooo hot. It is like the infection goes to my thumb. I know I am weird. My family all say that to me because i have weird things happen to me with my body. For instance one time I was picking up a radio station in my fillings in my mouth. I don't know how that happened but it was so weird and I could feel the vibration like a buzzing and hear a radio station (barely) I thought I was hearing things but I could feel it. My dentist said he had never heard it but it is possible. THink goodness that only happened one time.
I break out in hives anytime I get hot. Isn't that just peachy? I can't even exercise without breaking out. I have done that for over 15 years. The first time it happened I had a bad reaction and my whole face was so swollen that I was losing my breathing -- since then I have to be really careful not to get overheated. If I do I have medicine on hand to counter act or go jump in a cool shower or pool.
Ok. here is something weird that happened to me once. My hubby and I lived in an older house about 7 years ago. We had a guest bathroom that we never used the bathtub much in. ( Just the toliet I walked in the bathroom to pick up dirty towels and as I did I caught a movement in the drain of the bathtub. I looked back just in time to see a snake backing his head back down the drain. I saw his tongue and everything. Well all snakes have the same last name to me. SNAKE! I threw a paint can over the drain. I called by mom in law who lived two doors down. I called my hubby at work. I turned on the water very hot.( We had a high temp.setting at the time) I got drain- o! A plumber came in and said it being an old house he came through the septic tank some kind of way. He explained it but i forgot the details. Within in 6 months-- we sold that house. I can tell you I didn't like that house after that happened!
March 28, 2003 at 11:03pm
March 28, 2003 at 11:03pm
Thanks to waterbaby for making my day. I enjoyed your entries on the war. Also, the outhouse jail is great.
I have had some strange dreams lately. I hope there is no meaning in them. I mean i usually try to figure out what they mean in regards to what is going on in my life. But this one was corny. I dreamed that i had a new first chapter for book. It was called " Toliet habits around the world." I know, I know. Don't ask me where I got that one from. Anyway the rest of the dream actually was pretty good. It was going to be a humorous yet informative book on fuuny subjects you always wondered about but really never took the time to find out. My book was going to be based on research. Another chapter was on "How much sex" in regards to how often couples hit the sheets based on age and whatever. Anyway in my dream I am in the library looking all this crap up,. After I woke up I laughed but then I got to thinking... well maybe I do have something here. I don't know. I don't think many people care about toliet habits. I think I got that from reading a piece about how other countries use water instead of toliet paper. The other about sex is based on a little discussion my husband and i had recently that 7 days a week of sex is way too much. How often does the average couple have sex? What is the average couple?
Now I am thinking i need your help. Can you think of some other amusing questions for my book. Hey, if I get enough I just might write one up. Maybe I should do a message board on this one.
March 27, 2003 at 10:54am
March 27, 2003 at 10:54am
Being a working mom there is one thing that doesn't get the care it should. I mean something has to go and in my case it is the housework. I do do the regular stuff each week--- but as far as the spring cleaning -- not much of it has been done in the last year . So I am busy as a bee. Busy as i can be considering i do have two sick kids right now. I did manage to clean one of my sons room. I put away all the toys he has neglected to do so. I threw away bags of trash and cleaned out from his bed.
Next it was my kitchen. I washed down cabinets and got baseboards. Degreased alot. I have to do that anyway in my kitchen. It is always getting sprayed down.
Next to the den where I dusted like there is not end. I took down blinds and curtains. I changed furiture around. I still have some left to do in there.
I will hit the dreaded toy room today. Then the office. Yuck. In the meantime, I catch up on laundry that i didn't get to yesterday. O.K. Now I think I am ready to hire a maid and go back to my 9 to 5. At least it isn't 24/7.
March 26, 2003 at 10:09am
March 26, 2003 at 10:09am
IT is Spring Break and being a teacher I am off too. The break isn't in though as my youngest had his tonsils removed and isn't feeling all that wonderful. We stayed overnight in the hospital Monday night. My oldest has Strep throat. I think he needs his tonsils out too. ANyway- maybe they will feel better soon.
March 25, 2003 at 8:19pm
March 25, 2003 at 8:19pm
The majority of the money coming out to support and get these anti rallies going is from SOCIALIST. You can get on some of their web sites and see what it is they are supporting and it would just sicken you. Many people involved in the anti-protest know how sick some of the sponsers actually are. Many are so anti-American and some even want a different kind of governement. BE CAREFUL
March 25, 2003 at 8:13pm
March 25, 2003 at 8:13pm
I believe that unless you have lived in a Democracy type government, you can not truly understand the psy of its people.
The majority of the world's population live under some type of regime or other government that if they were to speak their rights-- they would be punished. A stronger opponinent is there to speak up and squash the beliefs of others.
In America there is a mix of people. We do each have issues but we are not afraid to speak them. We respect each other enough to be able to conflict yet not let any one group be a sole dictater. The strongest can speak but they don't opress the weak like in some countries.
Many people in many countries have always been repressed by some stronger force. If they speak up- sometimes it can be death.
People say we should stay out of the War effort and let the Iraq people take care of themselves. BUT these people are unable to take control from military stronghold that their regime has them under. They live under Fear.
Americans see that. U.N. had time to step in. They say we break international law. Maybe so- but what kind of organization can sit back and let innocent people be tortued under a regime. And let a man be a threat to all mankind if given the time.
Let's be honest here. America is strong. Many counties see a stronger force as something to be feared because they have always been oppressed by the stronger. They think a stronger force will go in and take advantage and take over. Others see the stronger force as a force to be envious of. They ridcule us .
Americans are inbreeded with a fight to the righteous. If that means dying for the cause-- we will do it. That my friend is why so many soldiers go in knowing they may die. THey fight for the freedom of all. Many have heard of past atrophies in history. They don't want another.
My own family lost loved ones in every war. Yes it was a sacrifice. I am afraid many People can not understand why a strong nation would go in knowing they are making sacrifices of money, time, lives and who knows what else at this time. What could they want out of the war? I feel sorry if no one has ever lived the life we have lived where we know what it is like to be free. Truly free! If only all could know that kind of freedom and to see the price we are willing to make sure all have that opportunity not be under an awful regime that they are unable to get away from---- then maybe they would understand.
March 9, 2003 at 9:55am
March 9, 2003 at 9:55am
I used to write a lot more than I do now. ANd I think I wrote a lot better then. I remember writing long short stories for my friends and they loved them. I wrote tons of poems for everyone. Yesterday, I found the start of one of my stories and could not believe how rich in detail it was. It brought back memories to me of how I used to have that style. I think I still write good but it has lost that flavor.
I have decided the difference comes in I don't have the time to devote to my stories like I used to. And I used to read a lot more and that gives a writer inspiration. How I long for those carefree days when I can just think about my stories and read and do nothing else. I am longing for a vacation alone to do just that.
March 8, 2003 at 1:34pm
March 8, 2003 at 1:34pm
Blubber, that is how I feel today. I guess most gals go through it. You know you have put on a little weight. THen you put a few more on and it just keeps going up instead of down.
Last night I went to put on some skirts from last year and they are a little tight. I looked in the mirror and felt I looked froppy instead of professional. I haven't gotten over that feeling of "OH my gosh, I am getting Fat!" feeling yet. THen I found a picture today of my husband and I very skinny. It was only about 15 years ago but I was 75 pounds lighter. I used to be underweight. I never imagined I would ever have a weight problem. THen my thyroid konked out and it has been a struggle since. I tend to put on the weight during my pregancies and never lose it. My metalbolism is just screwed.
I am going to go jogging today and drink a ton of water. I hate diet drinks and love cokes. THat is my weakness. IF I could give them up I think I would drop the pounds pretty fast. The Atkins thing works but I don't have the motivation to starve. So I will just complain to everyone, " I am getting fat." Maybe I will get enough motivation to really work at getting ready for the bathing suit season.
March 1, 2003 at 9:15am
March 1, 2003 at 9:15am
O.K. so I am from the south. There are still a few Bubbas around here. In case you don't know, that is a name. It is a nickname for Brother. If a boy has a sister, he could become a Bubba.
Thirty years ago, Bubba was seen as an affeciate name. "Tell Bubba, it is time to eat." a mother would tell the sister.
Now, when you hear Bubba you think of the big bully with no social skills. He is like a big nerdy red-neck guy. At least that is how he is presented on T.V. and in writings of various kinds. Bubba is often the big brute in most jokes.
Well I happen to know a couple of Bubbas. The funny thing is they are both part of my family. One is my cousin. The other is my husband's cousin's child. My cousin, Bubba is the younger brother of a sister. Bubba is about fifty years old now. Bubba doesn't fit the profile of a Bubba. The only thing that makes him a Bubba is he is a younger brother. I guess you could say he does have some red-neck qualities as he does like to farm a lot. He has always lived in the country and he loves to drink Beer and listen to Hank Williams Jr. But hey, that describes a lot of 'southern boys.'
I definitely don't see him as unintelligent. In fact, he is pretty darn smart. He is a very kind man and not a bully. Bubba has a real name but no one has really ever heard it except his family. In fact, he was named after his father. Because they had the same name, Bubba just seem such a better name for him at the time. I have never asked Bubba if he likes or dislikes his name. I assume he likes it or he would have demanded folks call him by his real name long ago.
The other Bubba I know lives in Florida. He is five years old. Bubba is also a little brother and looks like a little angel. His sister is only two years older and when he was a newborn, she was just a toddler calling for him.I can still hear that little angel calling "Bubba, where Bubba?" Bubba hasn't stuck with him much as I think everyone is beginning to understand it does have a sterotype attached to it. But our little Austin still occassionally gets called Bubba especially by his sister.
So, the next time you hear the name Bubba or any other name that tends to have a sterotype, be careful. Chances are that person actully isn't like his or her sterotype at all.
February 26, 2003 at 5:04pm
February 26, 2003 at 5:04pm
I am so glad I am married and happily married I might add. When I talk to my single friends and they are in the dating thing still-- I think how glad I am not in that stage anymore. I am glad that I have someone in my life that I can just be me with. I don't have to worry about what it is he is thinking. I know him well enough to know him and he knows I. We are one as it says in the Bible. I don't have to worry about diseases. I heard today that there are 150 cases of Aids in one of our school systems. Now there is only one high school and one junior high in this system The rest are about 6 ele. schools. 150 sounds like a high number for such a small system. I think I would be wary of dating someone. That may sound prejuidice, but let's face it. There are those people that may not even know they are sick and unwillingly give a disease to another.
I am glad that my husband and I have a relationship where we lift each other up. At least most of the time. We can talk about anything and it feels so right.
February 19, 2003 at 8:54pm
February 19, 2003 at 8:54pm
Well I guess I need to do some writing in this journal that has no name.
I got a nice Valentine surprise. My husband gave me a marriage retreat trip for just the two of us. We go to the beach for it in June. I had been hinting that we needed to get away and when I saw this being put on my my church and saw it was my pastor and his wife holding it, I really wanted to go. We go to a huge church. I love our preacher. He is awesome. Anyway, I had no idea that Craig would go and get us registered. In fact, it is kind of expensive. I can't wait.
School is good. I am busy as ever. This is the time of the year when teachers start thinking how far behind they are before testing time comes. You have to cover the material before they test or they might blow it. I have to haul butt to get in all the Social Studies and History in. We are behind.
I have had several stories or ideas for stories and articles in my head. Thing is I forget them. One is about reading. It would fall under educational article. I also was thinking about writing a piece on the new benefits of cooking for a month and freezing the food. I have been researching that one since Tupperware came out with that craze. It is really getting to be a popular thing. I might try it for a week.
February 16, 2003 at 9:35pm
February 16, 2003 at 9:35pm
For Valentine's Day, my husband gave me a trip. We will both be going to a marriage retreat that I have wanted to go to. It is with our church in the summer for four days at a nice resort. I was so surprised as it was such a big gift. My husband is the greatest. I can't to spend some quality time with him at this retreat.
February 11, 2003 at 9:21pm
February 11, 2003 at 9:21pm
I hate it when my children get sick. I can not bear to see them suffer. I would rather be sick myself. My oldest has been ill with a stomach virus. The youngest with a horrible cold. I haven't gotten much sleep lately looking after them. I hope they will be better tomorrow. My luck and I will now get it. I just said i would rather be sick than them--- I hope I don't jinks myself.
My youngest is getting his tonsils out in a month. I hope that it will help him stay well in the future. I dread the hospital stay. I am going to stay with him the whole time. It will be Spring Break ( fun- fun - fun) Oh well you gotta do what you gotta do.
February 9, 2003 at 9:57pm
February 9, 2003 at 9:57pm
The debate among some on the site is wheather one should censor what they write in their journals. I think as long as it is marked private, you can write whatever. But if you have it there for others to read on public access, you have a responsiblity. True, the journal is yours and you should be able to write in it your feelings and whatever. But not to the extent that it hurts someone else. The truth is a lot of people want people to read their journals. If they didn't they wouldn't be putting it on public. So, while we write to ourselves-- aren't we in a sense writing to everyone else too? I know with me it varies. Sometimes I am just writing it as it comes to my mind and so I will have a reference to look back on later. Other times I am venting about someone-- even if it isn't right to. Other times I am just writing things but for others to read too. So what do you think? Yeah, I am talking to you out there-- not myself!!

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