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Since September 9, 2018
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I'm a retired public bus driver from RI. I've been writing since 1986 inspired by my wife at first. Then my cats and nature. I've recently returned after quitting back in 2016. My bud and one of the souls I've ever been closest too passed away and my passion for writing died with him. I thought it was permanent but it slowly came back and I rejoined WdC back in Sept. 2018.
When good people do nothing against evil.
Rated: E
~48 Words
Cultural, Political, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated about a month ago
Big Jacks Story: [R.I.P. 5/29/2016]-His 8.5 year journey is over.
Rated: E
~438 Words
Pets, Emotional, Experience
Type: Poetry
Updated 12 months ago
When people are turned into pawns to be manipulated and lied too.
Rated: E
~67 Words
Cultural, Opinion, Political
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 months ago
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2249470
    Which Road Would You Follow?
    Rated: E · Animal · #2249019
    When a cat jumps in a rocker.
    Rated: E · Opinion · #2248393
    What are they? Inspired by the Newsfeed Apr 12, 2021 at 9:19pm - I wish...by Robert Waltz
    Rated: E · Cultural · #2246658
    Blitz Poem~~The different realities within life and the world.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2246548
    Signs of Spring Coming-Entry for Lucky Limerick Contest.
    Rated: E · Animal · #2246052
    When a kitten races around playing.
    Rated: E · Animal · #2246046
    When a cat has one in their sights.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2244654
    For the emotional and physical health of each others hearts.
    Rated: E · Cultural · #2244030
    When people are turned into pawns to be manipulated and lied too.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2243036
    6 cat lives intertwined: From Gizmo to Mamabear to Big Jack to Mitzy to Monty & Jacqui.
    Rated: E · Cultural · #2242117
    When good people do nothing against evil.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2240316
    Wishing to Santa for their human.
    Rated: E · Adult · #2239568
    Our style of who we are brings out our true selves.
    Rated: E · Animal · #2238445
    Winning over their Trust and Love.
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2237381
    When truth is denied and manipulated into lies, to deceive the masses.
    Rated: E · Ghost · #2236821
    Blurred Lines Between Dimensions?
    Rated: E · Emotional · #2235770
    Feeling empathy and sympathy for those who you love that are hurting in some way.
    Rated: 18+ · Romance/Love · #2235050
    To Truly Be Sincere, One Has To Be In Every Aspect Of Theirs and Others Lives.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2233753
    A kitten's reflection staring back.
    Rated: E · Spiritual · #2233565
    The feeling of peace within.
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2230752
    Being aware of the moments of your life but not letting those moments consume you.
    Rated: E · Friendship · #2229467
    The people who leave open their heart and soul, once wounded, may never recover.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2227791
    Relationships are a double-edged sword.
    Rated: E · Dark · #2227360
    The reality we live in.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2224354
    To Give of Yourself Unselfishly.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2223656
    An Acrostic Tribute for the 6th Month of the Year.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2223048
    Big Jacks Story: [R.I.P. 5/29/2016]-His 8.5 year journey is over.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2222596
    An Acrostic Poem for Spring
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2221976
    Stop worrying about what is not in our control.
    Rated: E · Self Help · #2221687
    Being at Peace with one's inner and outer self.
    Rated: E · Dark · #2221366
    A True Story-An unknown doll that didn't belong in the house but how did it get there?
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2220949
    An Acrostic Poem Tribute to the 5th Month of the Year.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2220400
    Quarantine Love Poem
    Rated: E · Nature · #2219575
    Brevee style poem for Spring.
    Rated: E · History · #2219076
    Living in the new normal.
    Rated: E · Medical · #2218668
    A Changed World.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2218523
    Acrostic Poem for the 4th Month of the Year.
    Rated: E · Personal · #2218010
    Self Reflection of one's Lifetime.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2217638
    Those who are frustrated with shelter in place who have been abusing their pets.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #2217078
    A Beautiful World to behold but is not meant to be.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2215635
    An Acrostic Poem for the Third Month of the Calendar Year.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2215155
    Baldness whether pattern or shaved.
    Rated: E · Opinion · #2214611
    Time's Unforgiving Cruelty.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2213933
    The adopted cats that eventually get ignored by their owners for some reason.
    Rated: E · Political · #2213341
    An acrostic tribute to our first President of the USA. [1789-1797]
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2212682
    When you overcome the things in life that try to tear you down from the inside.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2212334
    An Acrostic Poem for my wife on our 38th Valentine's Day.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2211884
    An acrostic poem for the 2nd month of the year.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2210948
    Long life vs a life of quality.
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2210585
    What does and will the New Year hold for us?
    Rated: E · Activity · #2207523
    Letting your imagination take over.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #2207330
    A Family Christmas.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2207013
    What life allows us to have.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #2206449
    Happy and Solemn. Family, USA and Worldview.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2205358
    From first meeting to a lifelong journey of learning. Together since 11.11.1982.
    Rated: E · Animal · #2205181
    The sad plight of cats that are stuck outdoors during the cold winter months.
    Rated: E · Nature · #2204539
    A simplistic view of Autumn.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2203462
    Living within the moment.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2203276
    5 years since her rescue from a kill shelter.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2201695
    When you are not willing to give up.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2200095
    No such thing as fixing a person, man or woman. Don't even try.
    Rated: E · Dark · #2199220
    When people allow fear to take total control over their lives.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2198535
    The desire you have in your heart, when you look at the woman you love and see no other.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2198453
    A Lifelong Ultimate Love.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2197642
    When two peoples heart and soul connections are so intertwined, they become one.
    Rated: E · Spiritual · #2197638
    What truly lies within ones heart.
    Rated: E · Environment · #2197312
    Dialogue between a Honey bee and a human about what's causing the die off.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #2195803
    Whether right or wrong, listening to your inner self is correct more often then not.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2195586
    When one comes along. You have to decide.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2195344
    How ones life is split into two different parts.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2193589
    Being able to see past the trees and into the depths of nature's inner self.
    Rated: 13+ · Adult · #2192735
    When a man thinks with the wrong head.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2192219
    When the flaws of a person are outweighed enough by the good, not to give up.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2192207
    When two people find each others worth.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2191683
    An Acrostic Poem Tribute to those who have served in our Armed Forces.
    Rated: E · Family · #2190597
    An Acrostic Poem for Mother
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2190195
    Learning the unknown.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2190182
    Having that deep personal connection between human and cat.
    Rated: E · Nature · #2189881
    Breevee Style Poem about Spring Birds.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #2188388
    An acrostic poem for Easter.
    Rated: E · Animal · #2185862
    A kittens first spring.
    Rated: E · Cultural · #2185204
    Myth, Folklore or Reality??
    Rated: E · Pets · #2184076
    Monty and Jacqui's Birthday
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2183183
    An Acrostic Poem for the 1st month of the year.
    Rated: E · Dark · #2182749
    The devastation of a break-up on Valentine's Day.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #2182737
    An Acrostic Poem for Valentine.
    Rated: 13+ · Contest Entry · #2182719
    A spoof on The Beauty I Behold of the Previous writing.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2182669
    Valentine's Poem for my wife on our 37th Valentine.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #2181281
    Fear of the unknown and how you deal with it.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2179546
    No such thing as perfect human, it's only an illusion.
    Rated: 13+ · Experience · #2178727
    99.9% break them and half of the other .1% eventually will. Leaving .05% who do keep them.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2178446
    When a cat finally figures it out and my observations.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2177894
    Alone waiting at the rescue shelter.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #2177500
    An Acrostic Poem for the last month of the year.
    Rated: E · Nature · #2177424
    Feeding their hungry babies-Brevee Style Poem
    Rated: E · Environment · #2177119
    The Flooding of the rivers around the nation. Brevee Style Poem.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #2176718
    An Acrostic Poem of Christmas, through the eyes of the author.
    Rated: E · Animal · #2176455
    The lounging of cats
    Rated: E · Death · #2176355
    For the loved ones we have lost over time.
    Rated: E · Dark · #2175991
    Brevee Style Poem~~Dreams of an abused child
    Rated: E · Pets · #2175711
    Pets that are adopted, are adopted for better or worse and for their entire lives!
    Rated: E · Contest · #2175390
    People who insulate themselves with Complacency and Apathy from the seriousness of things.
    Rated: E · Dark · #2175287
    Being brought back from the precipice.
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2175165
    Age waits for no one as time passes by. As well as, variations throughout ones life.
    Rated: E · Pets · #2175111
    Mama [20.5 yrs] arrived Sept. 2001. Missing since Oct. 20, 2015. She was our 2nd rescue.
    Rated: E · Animal · #2174929
    A kitten daydreaming and wishing to find a loving home.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2174850
    An Acrostic Poem dedication to my wife of 36 years on 11/11 using her name.
    Rated: E · Environment · #2174746
    The carelessness of humans with the effects of Climate Change.
    Rated: E · Spiritual · #2174694
    When paths cross or not.
    Rated: ASR · Death · #2174447
    True event in the early morning hours of December 15, 2017.
    Rated: E · Military · #2174281
    An Acrostic Poem honoring Veterans.
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