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My thoughts released; a mind set free
These pages contain my thoughts, from meandering ideas and persuasions to deep cerebrations and serious mentations.

Why, for what purpose? To release my mind and set creativity free. Somewhere inside the constraints of my mind dwells a writer, a poet, an artist who paints with words. In here I release those constraints and set the artist free.

Perhaps, lost somewhere in the depths of thought, is a story or a poem, waiting to be written.

I'm docked at Talent Pond's Blog Harbor, a safe port for bloggers to connect.
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February 26, 2017 at 2:20pm
February 26, 2017 at 2:20pm
Still out of work with this back problem and it's starting to be a real pain. I know, bad pun. Even so, it's really messing up my plans. I don't mind getting out of work for a while, but when my payday comes it's going to be another pain. Besides, if I am going to get time off, I'd prefer to have it enjoyable and productive. Between the discomfort and the medications, I'm anything but productive and enjoying myself.

Typically, if I do put my back out, it's short lived misery; a few days and I'm feeling a lot better, off the muscle relaxers, and able to do a few things. By the end of a week, the pain is all behind me. I know, another bad pun. This time, however, it just continues to ache, I continue to have spasms, and I don't feel I'm getting much better.

The only thing I can think of that's making it so much worse this time, is at the first signs of it going out, I ignored it and thought a bit of activity may prevent it form getting worse. Normally, if it acts up, I try and take it easy to keep it from getting worse, but that never seems to help, either. So, this time around, I had a few light spasms and some moderate pain, but thought I would work it out by working the muscles a bit. I headed out with my dog, threw a stick a few times for her, then filled the bird feeders.

At this point, it hadn't gotten any better, but it hadn't gotten any worse, either. I filled the first feeder that hangs at about shoulder level with no problems and little discomfort. But, when I went back into the porch for another container of feed for the second feeder, I felt a lot of tightness in my lower back. Still ignoring the discomfort, I went back out with the feed and bent down to fill the feeder that hangs just inches above the ground.

That's when the sharp pain began and I knew I was in trouble. There was nothing around to hold on to or to assist me in straightening back up, so I drew a deep breath knowing that it was going to hurt like hell to straighten up. I was right. I was now standing kind of straight, but the muscles were shooting pain and the spasms about drove me back to the ground. I was a good ten feet from the house, I was having severe muscle spasms in my lower back, and my right leg was tingling like it was asleep. I knew if I went down out there, I would be there until someone came along and noticed me.

So, with no other choice, I did my best to force mind and will over pain and non-cooperating muscles and forced each step until I could collapse against the side of the porch. I now had something to hold me up as I leaned against the wall, but I still had another ten feet to go to even get to the door. I managed to keep myself moving, dong my best to block out the pain, and soon was in the doorway, With a narrow porch, I had more support and things to hold onto until I got to the kitchen and collapsed into a chair.

In the process of stretching the muscles and walking off the pain, I accomplished just the opposite, I tightened them even more and was now almost completely immobilized. I now believe that I did much more damage than good, and on top of my normal back problems, I went and severely strained the muscles; this is why it's taking so much longer to recuperate.
February 24, 2017 at 9:43pm
February 24, 2017 at 9:43pm
It's been kind of an off day. I should have worked today, but my back is still giving me problems, enough that I wouldn't be able to perform my duties. Hopefully, I will be able to work tomorrow, but may have to work a short shift.

Even though I had the day off, I received a message form the company headquarters and ended up having to make some calls, send out texts, and write up memos for work. This took a big junk of my day, since the medications I took kind of keep me spaced out. I did manage to get a review done, and now, a blog entry.

Now I'm off to read through my email and then relax a bit and bed. Goodnight.
February 23, 2017 at 6:50pm
February 23, 2017 at 6:50pm
Cold and windy out today, our February spring has ended. We are supposed to be getting snow, a lot of it, as well. Luckily, the system has remained south of us and we have not had a single snowflake yet today. We could still get some tonight, but it's sounding like an inch or less.

I suspected winter would return, but after the warm intermission, it won't be as bad as if it had been snowy and cold straight through. This month is quickly drawing to an end and March is usually pretty nice. We get a lot of snow in March, but not much of the below zero cold. My Mother used to say, "March winds bring April Showers and April's showers bring May flowers."

Sleeping on the twin bed has helped my back a lot, and I'm finding it feeling a lot better. I still have a few spasms from time to time, and the Sciatica nerve pain and some numbness into my leg. I'll be missing work tomorrow to give it another day to rest and hopefully get over the spasms. It tends to go back into place just as quickly as it goes out. The only difference is, my back will feel fine before it goes out, and it will before for another week or so after it straightens back up. Just sore muscles from the spasms, but nothing debilitating.
February 22, 2017 at 7:48pm
February 22, 2017 at 7:48pm
Today is Wednesday, often referred to as hump day. This is because it's the middle of the week for most folk, and it's kind of similar to a hump in the week, down hill from here till the weekend. For me it's a bit different, as I currently have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off, it's the hump before work starts. Today, however, also marks my passing a hump in writing.

I think I can call it a hump, instead of writers block. After all, I had to overcome the hump to write something. And, like a hump, I would get a start on writing, then lose momentum and not finish, or get over the hump. Today, however, I did get over it. I was struggling for a while and thought I wasn't going to make it, I had a poem almost finished but could not find the last stanza to finish it. I must have written a half dozen different endings, but none I was satisfied with and began thinking I should just let it sit and stew for a bit, maybe finish it tomorrow.

Sometimes that helps, but more often it just provides me with another unfinished item piling up in my "need to finish" folder. I did take a small break from it and gave my wife a hand. Then it was back to the laptop to try and finish it. It worked and the ending started to form, then flow out to the keyboard, and the poem was finished, the hump that has hung me up behind me.

I know there will be more humps ahead, as well as some ruts and bumps. But, each time I overcome one, I build more confidence in facing those ahead.

If you want to read the item, it's here: "Summer Storm

Please let me know what you think, even if you don't do a review. Thank you.
February 21, 2017 at 9:51pm
February 21, 2017 at 9:51pm
Another unproductive day for me, but not by choice; my back is still out. I may have figured out why it's not getting better, I think I need a new bed. I base my thinking along this line on the fact that I was doing worse when I got up this morning then when I retired last night. Also, I woke numerous times throughout the night with back spasms. I noticed this same thing yesterday morning when I took a nap after taking some pain medication and a muscle relaxer.

Tonight, my wife is going to set up the twin bed for me to try out. It has a nice firm mattress that I know is good for my back. She wants to set it up next to our bed, so even if we aren't sleeping together, we are next to one another. If this works, I should be doing better tomorrow, and over this bout with my back in short order. It will also let us know it's time to replace our old mattress and possibly prevent my back form going out for no reason, again.

Wish me luck.
February 20, 2017 at 7:47pm
February 20, 2017 at 7:47pm
I didn't get as much done in here as I had hoped, still suffering from back pain and muscle spasms. It seems to be doing a bit better now, but most of the day I wasn't able to sit up well enough to even type. I woke with severe muscle spasms in my lower back and managed to get down stairs to the bathroom before they tightened up so much I could barely move.

After sitting up for a bit and after the pain medication and muscle relaxers kicked in, decided to lie back down for a while. I slept for a couple hours only to awaken to even more intense muscle spasms, so more medication and and try and stay comfortable. Even if I had been able to sit up enough to type, I probably wouldn't have been very productive, to doped up.

Hoping tomorrow is better and I can do a review or two in here as well as working on an idea for a poem.
February 19, 2017 at 4:31pm
February 19, 2017 at 4:31pm
Yes, I have been doing good at making a daily entry again, until yesterday. But, I'm back again today.

Yesterday should have been a work day, but something I ate tore me up pretty bad and I was very ill all day yesterday. I am feeling better, although still some mild stomach discomfort left over.

The good news is, I believe I have identified the culprit and won't be eating any more of it. Of course, there's usually bad news with the good, and today's no different.

Earlier this morning I managed to throw my back out and am now partially laid up with it. I don't have a clue what I did to provoke this onslaught of pain and muscle spasms, but then, I seldom do.

But, with the aid of some medications, I am doing well enough to sit up and type a bit in here, and am hoping to take advantage of the fact that since I can't do much else, I can spend a bit more time in here.

Always look for the rainbow in the rain...
February 17, 2017 at 2:43pm
February 17, 2017 at 2:43pm
Spring is in the air. That sounds good, but it's only the middle of February here in northeastern South Dakota, and it should not be spring like at all. For the last few weeks, the temperatures have been in the upper thirties to upper forties, and for this week, upper forties to near sixty! The snow and ice has almost all melted, things are getting muddy, and the last few times we had precipitation, it came as rain. Yes very springy, indeed. My wife has even started talking about starting some flowers, and she is not the only one.

I'm not complaining, spring is my favorite season, and I'm as eager for winter to end as anyone. But, I wonder, will it last? Typically, February is a cold month with temperatures barely reaching thawing and times of it dropping below zero. March is more likely to bring us into the thirties and forties, but it can still hold in the twenties or even single digits. Also, March is our big snow month, with plenty of winter storms.

For the time being, it seems we have skipped February and March and jumped from January to April. If it lasts, I will be able to take the kayaks out by next month; the ice on the lakes is dwindling quickly. By April, we may be able to get in some camping, if the weather continues, as well as getting flowers planted outside. Cripes, we may even have to start mowing the grass by then!

But then again, the temperatures could drop back to normal and we could get buried in snow and be shoveling out instead of mowing and gardening. It's interesting, and I have plenty of doubt about the weather yet to come. But, there seems to be a multitude of people who are believing this is spring. At work, I see a lot of spring projects getting started; people are leaving with shingles, patio block, and decking materials.

I wouldn't mind if the weather turned and winter returned, it makes it slow and easy at work. But, I wouldn't mind having an early and long spring, either. It seems like ages since we had a nice spring, a slow transition with enjoyable weather to enjoy as the world around us wakes from it's winter slumber. Our past springs have been very short and more like jumping from winter right into summer for some years now.

Yes, a nice long spring would be very welcome, but I'll continue to be prepared for the violent return of winter, just in case.
February 16, 2017 at 5:01pm
February 16, 2017 at 5:01pm
Today has been a pretty good day in here. No work, so more time to spend catching up, which is always a good thing. I also read some old reviews I had gotten during my absence, and enjoyed most of them. I took time to reply to everyone, express my appreciation, and for a couple, my questions.

Any negative feedback in a review is always difficult to accept, even when it's correct and given for help. But, I still appreciate them, I look at what they have pointed out, and often incorporate quite a bit of what they suggest. Then, there are those positive reviews that really make a person feel good about the item reviewed; they are always appreciated, and I try and let the writer/reviewer know that this is the best reward of writing, knowing someone enjoyed reading it

I always get a few reviews that kind of rate things in the middle, point out a few mistakes or areas that need attention, but also describe improvements that would completely alter the item. As with the other's, I appreciate the time and energy they put into reading my work and providing feedback. I look at the comments they leave and check the item, fixing and changing some of the suggestions, and then just disregard the rest. I believe it comes more from their own personal writing style and would change the item to the way they would have written it. It may be disregarded, but it's still helpful in understanding the various ways of writing something.

All these kinds of reviews are welcome and appreciated. They are all helpful, given with good intentions, and honest. Up until today, I would have to say these are the only types of reviews I have ever received. Sure, there have been a few over the years that didn't really say much about the writing, but even these stated they enjoyed the item, or pointed out something they related to. Even the few, and that's very few, negative reviews and low ratings I have received have stated why they didn't like something and offered a means of correcting it. Well until today, that is.

Today I received a review that did not state anything about the item at all. Nothing indicating it was good, or it was bad, whether the reader enjoyed it or disliked it, nothing on what was right or what was wrong. Nothing at all as far as feedback on the item. it contained a few quotes from something the reviewer had written, but even this was not available to read in their portfolio, being either never put in, or not open to the public. The quotes barely held any significance to the item reviewed, stating only the readers own thoughts on the subject.

Not only didn't they say anything about the item they were reviewing, they did not have any information at all in their portfolio or biography. The only community action was one review, the one they sent me. The only information I could get was that they have been a member here for a handful of years.

I read the review and all I can say is, very confusing.
February 15, 2017 at 5:42pm
February 15, 2017 at 5:42pm
Ah, sweet wonderful Wednesday. Not that there is anything special about Wednesday, except I don't have to work today; I also have tomorrow off. That makes it my weekend and that's pretty sweet. Of course, That's this week, only because I worked yesterday for someone who really wanted to spend Valentine's Day with his lady-friend. My Valentine had to work yesterday afternoon and I had originally thought of making her a nice, romantic dinner. But since I filled in for the other person, we will celebrate our Valentine's Day today.

Speaking of Valentines Day, have you ever wondered how February 14 came to be a day for lovers? I have wondered and did a bit of looking into St. Valentine. It was interesting to learn that it's actually a Catholic feast day for Mr. Valentine. But, in all my reading I never found anything to indicate why it turned into a Saint feast day into a romance day.

Today, while looking at an app that gives the word of the day and some other interesting things for this date, like an article of the day, a quote of the day, this day in history, today's birthday, and today's holiday, I found the connection.

I had already discovered that many religious days, Holy-days, were set to coincide with Pagan celebrations. The idea was to give them something Christian to celebrate instead of something Pagan. In reading today's holiday, I again see this practice resulting in our modern day celebration of St. Valentine. Of course, it's only my thoughts and opinion, but it makes sense to me. Also, in our modern day world, commercialism has added a great many changes to everything.

But back to today's holiday; ancient Rome celebrated Lupercalia on this date. It included a sacrifice of dogs and goats, and many worshipers. Luperci, priests of the deity Lupercal, dressed in goat skins and smeared with the blood of the sacrificed animals would run around striking women with thongs of goat skin called februa, which eventually gave this month it's name. This was thought to assure them of fertility and easy delivery, then the festival, as with most festivals of the Phallic Cult, turned into an all out orgy

Of course, when the church became established in Rome, it couldn't have people going around sacrificing goats and dogs, whipping women with goat skin thongs and then having an orgy, so they needed something to replace it with, and that was the feast of St. Valentine. I suppose over time, and with the fall of Rome, some parts of the old Pagan celebration merged with the newer feast of St. Valentine and it resulted in a day of celebration and romance that had nothing really to do with Mr. Valentine at all. Well except maybe the day he was martyred or something.
February 14, 2017 at 3:55pm
February 14, 2017 at 3:55pm
Another beautiful day, sunny and warm. Well, 37 degrees is warm for us in February.

Hannah, my Labradinger (Lab and Springer mix), is pestering me to go outside and enjoy the nice day. She makes typing a bit difficult, but she is very entertaining. I wish I had time to go out and burn off some of her energy, but it's almost time for me to leave for work. Normally, I would have today off, and she knows that.

Not much to write about again today, and not much time to write it, even if I did. But, I did get in here and post, I also added my 2 words for Two Word Tuesday, and I got through my mail.
February 13, 2017 at 3:31pm
February 13, 2017 at 3:31pm
I just set a goal for the week to provide me with a little extra motivation. I have been doing pretty good at getting in here everyday, except yesterday. Sundays are kind of tough for me to get much done since I not only have to work, but have to go in earlier than normal. I can handle that, as long as I get in here the rest of the week, and at least get an entry put in my blog. That's my goal, to log into WDC, and do something, either a review, an entry in my blog, or some other interaction besides skimming through my mail.
February 11, 2017 at 3:48pm
February 11, 2017 at 3:48pm
It's about time to get ready for work; actually, I should be doing that right now. But, I wanted to get in here and post before I go, since I won't get a chance to after work.

Not a lot to log about since yesterday. I went to work and had an uneventful evening, spent some time with my wife and then off to bed. Today was spent doing a Bible study, doing some stuff for work, then lunch and looking online for some gifts.

I do need to make more time to get in here and be more active, it's a goal I'm working on.
February 10, 2017 at 3:51pm
February 10, 2017 at 3:51pm
Yes, it seems I'm on a roll; two days straight. Although, I have to admit, I don't have very much time today, since it's getting close to time for me to get ready and leave for work. Still, considering the time lapse before these past two days, it's something.

I explained yesterday why there was such a long lapse of time, although I doubt there are very few, if any, who will believe my explanation. Yes, it was fictional. The idea came from back in my college days, when one of my instructors gave five points per day on attendance. It resulted in a drop in one's grade if you missed three days or more.

The class was Business Communications, and the instructor was very demanding, very good, and very fair. Even so, this made it difficult to get high grades, so missing class was not an option if you wanted to keep up a good grade point average. She was understanding that sometimes things do come up that result in missing class, and being fair to her students, she provided a means to get extra credit if you did have to miss.

It was quite simple, if you had a good imagination and the motivation to fulfill the conditions. First of all, you had to get any notes form another student and turn them in with any missed work. She would review the notes quickly and give them back. Any missed work had to be turned in within two days, which was the nest class date. Also, you had to provide her with an excuse when you returned to class.

However, she did not want any plain excuse, even if it was true and legitimate. She wanted something out of the ordinary, something interesting, and of course, something made up. She gave extra credit for these fictitious excuses based on length, originality, and imagination. Now, the excuse didn't have to be real long, a paragraph or two would suffice. If it was well written and something new or different, it received full credit, but even if it was well written, but often used, she would deduct points.

I seldom missed class, but on the rare occasions when I did, I enjoyed writing a good excuse, as you seen with my post from yesterday. She would have been very pleased with the originality, the imagination, and the enjoyable tale it provided. I suspect, she was writing her own book from these excuses that were turned in over the years.

"Now," as Paul Harvey used to say, "you know the rest of the story."
February 9, 2017 at 8:02pm
February 9, 2017 at 8:02pm
My last entry in here was way back in July of last year, way too long of a time span. What happened? What indeed! Without going into a lot of boring detail I will try and summarize my bizzare experience that resulted in an almost seven month span of time.

I had returned from a camping trip and was pondering various forms of clean energy. Solar power is limited and expensive, wind power is ineffective and unreliable, and fossil fuels create unwanted side effects, not to mention they are running out. As for the first two, they also create a lot of pollution in creating and disposing of them. I also find miles and miles of towering wind-turbines to be eye pollution; very unsightly.

So, that leaves nuclear power. Again, there are some unwanted side effects, although I do believe with modern technology, many of these could be reduced. But wait, if the source of nuclear energy was from fusion instead of fission, there wouldn't be any unwanted side effects.

So, that's the solution, hydrogen fusion. All that was needed was for someone to figure out a way to make it work. I had some free time, so I took a gallon of water, for the hydrogen, an old microwave for a reactor source, and set about creating some clean energy. I figured I could use electricity to separate the hydrogen and the oxygen, then with the microwave, I could start a fusion reaction in the hydrogen. It sounded good at the time.

A car battery wired to a couple of electrodes served to separate the oxygen and hydrogen. But, the microwave just did not have enough power to start the reaction. I would need a much larger energy source, and Ben had the answer. Ben Franklin, that is. I waited for a good electrical storm and set my kite in flight, wired to the microwave. The car battery was forming bubbles in the water, so I knew I had hydrogen available. I set the timer on the microwave haphazardly to two hours, five minutes, and seventeen seconds. Yes, 02:05:17, then pushed the start button and watched as a bolt of lightning traveled down the kite cord and into the microwave.

I thought I had it! There was a large, white, burning sphere of energy inside the microwave, but then, the door blew off and a white funnel of energy grew from the now molten appliance. It grew quickly into a huge funnel of energy, following the line up to the kite. I was pulled into it and began to feel tingly as I sped up the core of my energy tornado. Then, everything went black and I could feel myself falling, and falling, and then falling some more. Then... nothing.

I woke up feeling kind of nauseous, and went into the house. I went to bed and slept for hours, then got up and realized that not just hours had passed since I had started my experiment, but months. Yes, I had traveled forward in time to February fifth. I spent a day trying to figure out a way to get back to my own time, but it was useless, the microwave was fried. Besides, I had no way of knowing if it would work to go back in time or not; I firmly believe it impossible to ever go back in time as times always passes forward.

So, here I am. I failed at nuclear fusion, but I discovered it is possible to traveled forward in time. I ripped up my plans, however, and will not even consider building another time machine. See, I don't have enough time now, so why the hell would I want to build a device that makes it pass even faster?
July 22, 2016 at 8:13pm
July 22, 2016 at 8:13pm
My wife and I are back after taking a three day camping trip to get away from everything and spend some quiet time relaxing and reflecting on ten years of marriage. Camping for our anniversary has become a tradition for us, something we look forward to every year.

This year we both were looking forward to having a nice, quiet, and relaxing time away from work, from home, and from all the everyday hassles life brings. I was especially wanting to get a break from work; there have been numerous problems and I have had to put a lot of extra time into things lately.

The plan was simple enough, Rhonda would pack things up while I was at work on Monday, then pick me up and we would drive to the campground. We had picked on a few hours from home, since it would be late afternoon by the time I got off work. Things went well at first and we were soon heading out. Once at the campground, we jumped right into getting things set up. We had grabbed a pizza for supper so we could eat on the way, since there would be little time to cook anything once we arrived and got set up.

After setting up, it was getting dark, so I started a fire and Rhonda fixed us a couple of drinks. We set up chairs by the fire pit, staked out our dog, Hannah, and settled in to relax for the evening. Hannah is a bit high strung, but well behaved, so after a short time I took her off her lead and let her stretch out by my feet. That's when things began to deteriorate.

A skunk decided to come check out the campsite, looking for easy loot. Hannah spotted, or at least smelled the little critter before we realized we had a visitor. Before I could react, she was up and on top of the skunk with a death-hold on it's neck, shaking the last few wisps of life from it. Of course, she wasn't being bad, she was doing what instinct told her, to defend her pack. She did a great job and had the skunk killed before we could even get up and go after her.

With the dirty deed done, she returned looking for praise as we backed away from her. The smell was not as bad as we had expected, but she had gotten enough spray on her to make it difficult to be close to her. She also had the watering eyes and was salivating heavy from the stench, rubbing her face in the grass to try and remove the foul odor.

it was late and there was little we could do about the situation, so we tolerated the smell and made the most of the fire. Then, when we retired, things got a bit more intense. With Hannah in the tent with us, she would not have understood being put outside, not to mention another of Stinky's friends may come around, the smell became more intense.

I have to mention again, she did not get a direct spray from the critter, but must have caught a bit of the mist as she shook the animal. The area the skunk was in did not smell very bad, and it was even less noticeable after I had moved the corpse away from the camp site. But inside the confines of the tent, the smell was stronger. On top of that, Hannah is a snuggler and loves to cuddle with us. Of course, with her new cologne, snuggling with her was impossible.

We survived the night, but got little sleep. The next day we had her down to the lake and gave her a very good bath, lathering her up twice and then using conditioner on her. It did the trick, she still had just the slightest hint of skunk stink on her, but it was no possible to snuggle and cuddle, as well as to sleep in the same tent.

Tuesday evening, things were going well again. We had just enjoyed a wonderful meal cooked outdoors and were going to again relax by a fire. My phone went off, it was the Director of Operations from work. I had a guard who was threatening to walk off and leave the guardhouse empty.

We just got a new Director, and he has his hands full with a lot of things besides training in for his new position, but after explaining that Rhonda and I were out camping, he said he would handle the situation until today. Understand, please, that our home office is in Sioux City, Iowa, and the job site I supervise is in Watertown, South Dakota, so this was no small feat for him. But he took care of things for me so we could stay out and enjoy the entire three days before having to return and deal with the situation.

Oh, and that night, shortly after turning in, looking forward to a sound, restful nights sleep, our air mattress decided to go flat. But, within a few minutes we had it fully deflated and shoved aside. We spent the rest of that night, and the remainder sleeping on the hard floor of the tent, but with the bedding and sleeping bags, it wasn't all that uncomfortable. I actually slept pretty well.

We packed it in yesterday and left the site at three in the afternoon to return home. The heat had climbed Wednesday and Thursday, hitting just below 100 degrees on Wednesday and over 100 on Thursday. We did get a little hiking in, but stuck to the most shaded areas. Mostly, though we just relaxed and enjoyed the time together. I even managed to keep the problems at work pushed to the back burner until today.

June 4, 2016 at 9:58am
June 4, 2016 at 9:58am
It's nine in the morning and I'm waiting to start work. So, what better way to spend my time than getting an entry done.

With summer here, I'm working weekends again, Friday through Monday day. Monday and Fridays aren't too bad, itself not as busy and Rhonda and I both work the same hours. But, Saturday and Sunday our hours differ. Our shirts overlap, but there is a three hour layover on Saturday for either her or me, depending who opens. We switch each week. On Sunday, we each have a three hour wait.

This is a result of only having one vehicle running and the fifth mile round trip to work and home. It just isn't practical to run back home to wait. She often utilises her wait time to shop, I get some of my office work done and,like today, try and spend some in here.

It's kind of difficult viewing and writing from my Kindle Fire (six inch screen). Makes me wish I had gotten a larger one. I'm hoping to get a regular, and larger, tablet this summer, but know very little about them. Also, price will be an issue; I will need to get one pretty cheap.

For now, this will have to do. Now, off to look around the site.
June 3, 2016 at 12:32am
June 3, 2016 at 12:32am
I say semi because I did get quite a bit accomplished, but at the same time, did not get much done in WDC. I worked the holiday weekend as well as filling in on Tuesday, but did get Wednesday and today off. Yesterday was a sluggish day, just tired out from work. Even so, I did get a few projects done.

Today was better; I had more energy and more motivation. Again, I put most of my energy into outdoor tasks, but was hoping to get in here and spen a little time, too. But, things took longer than anticipated; no time to much else.

I still have my item to write and will get more time in here, but not until after the weekend, since my work week starts tomorrow and runs through Monday. I'm hopeful to get a little time to spend in WDC, but doubt I will have much more until Tuesday.
May 29, 2016 at 7:47am
May 29, 2016 at 7:47am
This weekend starts our summer schedule, which means working through the weekend as well as some longer days. The result, not much time for anything else the last few days.

I wanted to at least get a brief entry in this morning before work, since it will be pushing nine o'clock before I get home tonight.

I still am working on getting something written, but have not had time to develop my idea. Even so, I have been putting some thought into it and hope to get going on it. I know I won't have much time until after the weekend, having to work Monday as well as it being a very busy weekend.
May 26, 2016 at 9:39pm
May 26, 2016 at 9:39pm
Not much time to write in here tonight, it got later than I intended. I was in WDC earlier and went through my mail, but needed to get back out and finish mowing the grass. Once that was done, it was time to get supper going and eat. I also needed to trim up my whiskers and squeeze a hair cut in, and that about took care of the rest of the day.

But, the grass is all mowed, my face is mowed, and my head is mowed. The latter two went well, and I guess the grass went pretty well, too. The only thing with the grass is, it was very tall and I had to go especially slow while cutting it. I had grass flying everywhere, and with the wind, was covered in it by the time I finished.

So, into the shower I went, then got supper started, and while it cooked, got a shave and a hair cut from my favorite barber, my wife. After, I had to do another rinse in the shower to get the hair rinsed off, then dry off and get ready to eat.

One would think, with all that showering, I would be over the hay fever effects of mowing the lawn, but no, I'm still suffering with itchy eyes and lots of sneezing. I also got a slight sunburn on my arms, face, and lower legs from being out in the sun so long. Kind of a rough day, but a productive day.

Oh, and I have also come up with some ideas for something to write about. I had a subject, and while mowing, developed it a bit more. I don't know if I will get much time to write anything over the weekend, I have to work through till Monday, possibly Tuesday. It will be some long hours, but I'm hopeful I can at least get some notes done for my writing project.

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