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Rated: E · Book · Fantasy · #1223929
Demons, Vampires, Love, Decite, what more could Renee ask for? maybe a normal life?

Renee has a secret, but even she doesn't know what it is. All her life she knew she was different, but little did she know how different she really is. Then one night she gets kidnapped, and all her wildest dreams and fears come true.

Renee has the only power to destory or save the ones like her, can she do it? Even she doesn't know, her new family is confidant and her lifelong enemy will do anything to keep her from fulfilling her true legacy.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter 14- Painful Memories 3.92k
Chapter 2 Chapter 13- Is it love? 2.96k
Chapter 3 Chapter 12- Feelings 2.93k
Chapter 4 Chapter 11- Closer 4.17k
Chapter 5 Chapter 10- The Family News 4.23k
Chapter 6 Chapter 9- Honesty Revealed, Painfully 5.18k
Chapter 7 Chapter 8- Rivalry 3.42k
Chapter 8 Chapter 7- The Meeting 4.65k
Chapter 9 Chapter 6- Visitors 2.43k
Chapter 10 Chapter 5- Trust Complex 3.99k
Chapter 11 Chapter 4- Envasion 4.24k
Chapter 12 Chapter 3- Secrets 4.97k
Chapter 13 Chapter 2- The Return 2.70k
Chapter 14 Chapter 1- Kidnapping 3.30k

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