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Looking for a particular poem and wonder where I hid it! This is my Table of Contents.

A simple act of kindness #31 in "Cinquains - five line poems
A warning in black and white in blog entry "Winter: 8 Sharaf (January 7)
Aargh, why do I write this stuff?, #16 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Advice for an electrician in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Afar from Kansas heights, #50 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Alabama #33 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"An iguana night E: A short musing on 4 days of flooding, hail, winds and tornadoes.
Also known as Shelley in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Angelwings in blog entry "Tornado watch and angel wings
Anticipation in "Glice
Arizona #34 in "Cinquains - five line poems
As seen from Windsor, #40 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Ash and dung in blog entry "Winter: 10 Sharaf (January 9)
At the small town bookstore #28 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"At three E: After watching kids at the playground, trying to remember me as a child of three.
"At two E: Just a wistful afternoon with the two year old, quiet, of course :)
"August moonchild E: A big baby. Now two, looking just like his dad. Formal on purpose.
"Aurochs in "Aurochs to Zorra


"'bargain basement bin' 18+: Ever been called trash? And then moved on? For Kaci Jackson, a vignette.
"Between us E: 3 linked cinquains describing a relationship. The desert, the storm, the bond between us.
"Boise City 13+: Can you feel emptiness? Boise City is in the panhandle of OK where it touches 4 states.
Boards around the rink in "Glice
Breathing in in blog entry "With our breaths
Broke down town in blog entry "Winter: 15 Sharaf (January 14)
Bubale in "Aurochs to Zorra
Bury me in the pond in "Glice
"Byron Lynn ASR: This is an short elegy for Byron Lynn, who died of cancer November 23, 2004 in Kansas.


California #35 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Canada's son in "Glice
Chandlery in "Aurochs to Zorra
Chetham at La Parilla #19 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Cloves and cappuccino in blog entry "Cloves and cappuccino and the gifts of gods
Connecticut #36 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Covering her back of hand, #51 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Cow and Kangeroo in blog entry "Winter: 4 Sultn (January 22)


Defenseman on the bench in "Glice
Depurate in "Aurochs to Zorra
"Detroit (xvii) ASR: Edsel Ford, Edmund Fitzgerald, a poem where the line breaks lead you one way or the other.
"Detroit (i) 'fist'
"Detroit (ii) 'lark'
"Detroit (iii) 'manors'
"Detroit (iv) 'roads'
"Detroit (v) 'coney'
"Detroit (vi) 'candlelight'
"Detroit (vii) 'mover'
"Detroit (viii) 'embers'
"Detroit (ix) 'anger'
"Detroit (x) 'by-pass'
"Detroit (xi) 'moon'
"Detroit (xii) 'lune'
"Detroit (xiii) 'cheese'
"Detroit (xiv) 'bells'
"Detroit (xv) 'change'
"Detroit (xvi) 'cadillac'
"Dipping honey 18+: Cleaning out port-a-potties. Autumn in Oklahoma. Don't ask about dumping in Muskogee!
"Dream a bigger dream E: A rhythmic rhyming tribute, a light verse, a play on Dreama Bigger's name.
"Dundrearies E: A ditty for Howard at Henry's Coffeehouse on Old Henry Street, Lawrence.


"Earth groaned ASR: Written as I was thinking of the homeless caught in a rainstorm
Exorcise of summer #30 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Eyas in "Aurochs to Zorra


Face off in "Glice
Faces of the baobab in blog entry "A beautiful day; alas, I have meetings
"Facing the day 18+: 9 short muses linked to each other. The day, death, love ...
"Fine wine 13+: Eyes and grape juice ferment. Drawn from a real story.
"First drum set E: My friend gave his 2 year old a drum set! Can you hear him play?
Florida #38 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Folkright in "Aurochs to Zorra
"For Jeanette ... when she grows old E: About Kansas and diamond slippers. Jeanette is a hoot, in spite of her knees and sugar.
"For Jan ... when next it snows E: For Janice Jay. Based on a journal entry after my house burned down in early Spring.
4 year old Hubbard in the '41 Chevy #24 in "Cinquains - five line poems
From a darkened corner, #14 in "Cinquains - five line poems


Gardyloo! in "Aurochs to Zorra
"Get out your shoehorn 13+: A tad bit on the angry side. 'I’m ready to walk all over you.'
"Glice 13+: "Gladiators" glide on ice. 15 cinquains about hockey. 3 have been published 5/06.
Goalie in "Glice
Going down Ohio in blog entry "Sleet, slush and cyclones
Green haze of the privet in blog entry "Poppies in Haifa, Mittje, Winter's return
Greeting the New Day in blog entry "Fairy of Joy on Naw-Ruz


Hanging on in blog entry "Sunshine, garlic and chrysanthemums
"'heart's home' ASR: A prose poem lament in letter form to a friend from New York praising Oklahoma and Kansas.
Hebetate in "Aurochs to Zorra
Helper to the helpless #25 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Henry's coffeehouse, #11 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Here come b-ball boy #23 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Highway markers E: Revised 8/31. High plains: tumbleweed, windmills and sunflowers. One day after the other.
His Royal Highness Ivan, #13 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Hope (old skates) in "Glice


"I, Katrina 13+: In the spirit of I, Claudius, the empress arrives with a case of bad-breeze.
"I.C.U. 13+: 'Intensive Care Unit' or 'I see you'.
"In bleachers bare E: Amateur hockey players are lucky to find a rink. The bleachers are bare, or are they?
Incienso in "Aurochs to Zorra


January 1972, #12 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Jasmine Summer Mist, in "Acrostics (based on initials)
"Jelly coat 18+: But will she use the scissors in the end?
John Taylor's Aunt Betty #26 in "Cinquains - five line poems


"Ketuvim 13+: Does one cry out in psalms and lamentations at the end?
"Kipuka E: Just imagine crossing miles of lava fields to reach a green oasis on the slopes of Hawaii


Lacunae in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Lament of the bottle in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Lapidate in "Aurochs to Zorra
"Last boy born in Bushton ASR: Poetic fiction of a small town disappearing on the plains of Kansas. in rural Kansas.
Last lily blooming by Plymouth Church #29 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Lemon cake, white frosting in blog entry "Psklilja
Letter to Mark from Massachusetts Street in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Lifegiver in blog entry "Childer everywhere you look


Mangold in "Aurochs to Zorra
"May I introduce you to a shower? ASR: Vignette of Mabel, a tribute, a prose poem. If you haven't taken a shower lately ...
March Thirteenth Tornado in blog entry "Being open
Mercedes in entry "Winter: 5 Sultn (January 23)
Midland, Texas, #45 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Mirrored in your eyes E: The poem that started it all in 1999. Someone I had just met had the key.
"Mission girl 13+: We are becoming a class stratified society. Not all of us are ab-fab. Sarcastic?
Missouri visits K.U., #20 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Montana #41 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Moonrise before the dawn of redemption in blog entry "Day after


"Nafan Orange E: When Logan was 3, he called his brother Nafan Orange. Light verse for a friend.
Never petulant in Peoria, #39 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Nevus in "Aurochs to Zorra
North Dakota, #42 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Not in the picture 13+: The person behind the camera feels left out.
"Number One Guy 18+: Santa is on vacation. His Dad is not amused with the mice, the elves, the reindeer.


"Of mice, owls and moonflowers ASR: A light view of natural processes of life, death, life. Response to a challenge.
Office morning parade, #15 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Ohio, #43 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Oklahoma postcard to a friend 13+: After the wheel of the world turns, the climate and the landscape have changed ...
Old Pigeons in entry "Invalid Entry
"Invalid Item :
"On the Illinois E: The Illinois is an incredibly beautiful river in North-East Oklahoma.
"One ... Mississippi ... Two ASR: Kansas perspective as Hurricane Dennis approached Mississippi. Then Katrina hit.
Ovality in "Aurochs to Zorra
"Owls at the hour of moonset E: Here owls bring the gentle message of impending death. Revised 9-3.


Palea in "Aurochs to Zorra
Patience in "Glice
Patron saint in "Glice
Peonies in entry "Parody and peonies
Picnic memory, #10 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Poker at the Parthenon [ASR] Artemis and Zeus in winner-take-all.


Q.D. in "Aurochs to Zorra


"A radiant moon has set ASR: Homeless, black-eyed, had young children, 34 and found dead in the park last winter.
Regardant in "Aurochs to Zorra
Rehobeth beach, #37 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Requiem XGC: Anger spitting back at ya. Attitude from the streets. Can't handle it? Don't read.
Richmond, #46 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Invalid Item :


"Sacrificial Lamb 18+: The Office, Oct 15th '02. Boy, do I remember how I felt THAT day! Was I bitter, angry?
"Saltimbocca 18+: Italian for veal and ham wrapped and sautéed. It jumps-into-your-mouth.
"Scotty's last lament (James Doohan) E: For Scotty of Star Trek: Now, listen here, just beam me up. Lord, get me OFF this mound.
See that cute CEO wannabe? #21 in "Cinquains - five line poems
September 10th, #18 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Seventeen 13+: An anniversary poem for friends who married late in life.
Skating belongs to the young in "Glice
"She who serves ASR: For Lisa and those who deserve more recognition of their daily endeavors.
"Smoothing wrinkles ASR: A poem that goes down memory lane with the lingering smell of patchouli.
So ... Heddrick #22 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Sorting task in blog entry "Invalid Entry
South Carolina, #44 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Speak soft my name 13+: Can Earth be given a voice? Not a children's poem.
"Starbeams on Tulsa ASR: A fantasy of what stays and goes in Tornado Alley. Nature versus the follies on Man.
Summer dreams in "Glice
"Summer in Sabetha E: This is based on a very beautiful summer in Sabetha, Kansas ... a long time ago.


"Tea-tottering-time 13+: Short and silly reminiscence of K.U.'s tea time and its consequences.
"Teke E: Memories of baking bread and fragrant flowers. For my grandmother, Teresa Deuel.
"Tenth Street Shuffle ASR: A day in the life of someone who is homeless. Basic needs are institutionalized and timed.
The novice in "Glice
"The silk shrouded Rose 13+: A prose poem vignette written in 20 minutes with a prompt: a bench and a found object ...
"The sound of lavender ASR: A blind friend of mine loved the color lavender, remembered from his youth.
"The wages of dying is love 13+: A blues about the price of love (however defined or denied).
Tirrivee in "Aurochs to Zorra
"... tom-tom-tom ... E: About birth. A play on the beating of a heart and the name of the father, Tom.
"'tree of graduation' ASR: A prose poem letter to a friend comparing the passage of time to the life of a tree.
"Turbinado 18+: Love from raw brown sugar.
Twenty bites no calories in blog entry "Winter: 5 Sharaf (January 4)
"Two chance encounters E: Based on an actual experience. No reason our paths should cross, they just do.


Upon seeing a photo taken near Grecia in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Urtext in "Aurochs to Zorra


Vermonters, #47 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Victoria's secrets in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Vision of longing in "Glice
"Vodka 18+: Vodka is squeezed and fermented from potatoes. Can my love be drunk like vodka?
Volti! in "Aurochs to Zorra


""watermelon seeds' 18+: Reedited 6-30. A metaphor of watermelon seeds & pregnancy. A vignette in prose poem form.
"'we are like trees' E: A prose poem letter for a friend, using the metaphor of humanity as trees of one forest.
Well's Overlook, #49 in "Cinquains - five line poems
Wednesday dawns in blog entry "Invalid Entry
West Virginia, #48 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"When it rains E: In high and dry Colorado, the rain is welcomed.
"Where iguanas rule E: A description of sitting in the Iguana Cafeé one Winter day.
Why we fight in "Glice
Without a filter, #9 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"'wolves gathered' 13+: Was a friend used as a pawn to deliver pain? Regardless, I wish him the best.
Woe of the cloth in blog entry "Hot Pink, Tea and Hookers
Wrenched in blog entry "Invalid Entry
Wrick in "Aurochs to Zorra


Xyst in "Aurochs to Zorra


Yellow birdsong, #17 in "Cinquains - five line poems
"Yellow Rose of Kansas E: A short but sweet poem for Rose Lynn of the Jayhawk bookstore. Velveteen rules.
Yoicks! in "Aurochs to Zorra


Zorra in "Aurochs to Zorra
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