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A collection of various short stories and poetry.
Since I'm getting low on space, I'll place my poems, stories, and Essays here, along with other items.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Ode to a Phone 0.55k
Chapter 2 Crazy Horse Named Hoofs 0.69k
Chapter 3 Penny Dated From 1906 0.68k
Chapter 4 Death in the Swamp 0.27k
Chapter 5 A Mother's Choices 0.45k
Chapter 6 Samurai Quack Parody 19.40k
Chapter 7 Harry Houdini's Last Trick 1.59k
Chapter 8 Hundred Floors of Fright with David Pumpkins 1.11k
Chapter 9 Spooky Skeleton 0.60k
Chapter 10 Shoo Crow 0.48k
Chapter 11 Ghost Buster 2.22k
Chapter 12 Alien Halloween 3.62k
Chapter 13 Trump's Halloween 0.57k
Chapter 14 Not a Funny Clown 2.12k
Chapter 15 Autumn Forest 1.46k
Chapter 16 Halloween Romance 0.69k
Chapter 17 Trick or Treat Witch 2.87k
Chapter 18 Funeral Letter 0.97k
Chapter 19 Steps to Planting and Growing Your Plants 10.23k
Chapter 20 Wolf Run 14.84k
Chapter 21 Battle of the Undead Cowboys 21.50k
Chapter 22 The Undead Knight, and the Bagpipe playing Scotsman 18.25k
Chapter 23 Battle of the 16th Presidents 11.06k
Chapter 24 The Time Lost Samurai and the Undead Knight 24.94k
Chapter 25 Bruce of the Dead 12.30k
Chapter 26 Rule the World 2.96k
Chapter 27 Night of the Living British Gangsters 22.89k
Chapter 28 Christmas Tree 0.14k
Chapter 29 Release the DVDs! 3.60k
Chapter 30 Freedom Fighters of the Homefront 30.20k
Chapter 31 Measure of Humanity 9.99k
Chapter 32 Drive Angry Review 4.31k
Chapter 33 The Walking Dead Meets Tremors 36.91k
Chapter 34 The Lioness and The Bull 1.16k
Chapter 35 The Dragon and the Fellowship of the Ring 81.71k
Chapter 36 The Playoff: Watcher 1.62k
Chapter 37 Family Crest 2.05k
Chapter 38 This Big Olí Rock 3.91k
Chapter 39 Easter Traditions 1.18k
Chapter 40 E. coli in the Water 1.52k
Chapter 41 My Brother. 0.18k
Chapter 42 Take Your Son to Work Rated E 1.08k
Chapter 43 Case Colors Rated E (Poem) 3.16k
Chapter 44 The Difficulty In Getting Others To Join Rated ASR 1.22k
Chapter 45 A Rant about Dead Authors and their Books Rated E 2.54k
Chapter 46 My Grandmother Rated E 2.29k
Chapter 47 Why the BBWolf ate RRHood Rated 18+ 9.24k
Chapter 48 Why do I write? Rated E (Poem) 0.45k
Chapter 49 My Mother's Poem Rated E 0.70k
Chapter 50 Waiting for a Son Rated 18+ 13.17k
Chapter 51 Deadman's Hill Rated 13+ 5.66k
Chapter 52 Not a Poet And How I Know It Rated E (Poem) 0.46k

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