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All the 286 review, catalogued with date
All reviews between 1st to 30th September 2021

Total - 286 reviews

September 1st
1.Review of "Haunted Requiem"
2.Review of "South Side of Heaven"
3.Review of "I See Through You"
4.Review of "The Ooze"
5.Review of "A Merry Christmas"
6.Review of "Inheritance-Chapter 1"
7.Review of "Horrid Struggles: A Heartless Approval"
8.Review of "The Ultimate Pride: A Strength of Reward"
9.Review of "A Slighted Moral - Staying Lean"
10.Review of "An Eye for the Prize - A Love Divine"
11.Review of " Courting—old fashioned?"
12.Review of "Eyes"

September 2nd
13.Review of "{Assignment from Dave's cafe.}"
14.Review of "The Tome of Their Times"
15.Review of "Little Magazine: A Literature Movement "
16.Review of "Pokemon Weight Gain/Inflation"
17.Review of "NAG Writing ML Assignment"
18.Review of "Life"
19.Review of "It Took Three Days!"
20.Review of "I Am Seen"
21.Review of "Rose "
22.Review of "Howl"
23.Review of "Concerns for Truth: We Will Never Forget"
24.Review of "A Face Once New"
25.Review of "Baby Powder"
26.Review of "I’m Coming For You"
27.Review of "JustSaiYing PunPhooey'sHornyDevilChewie"
28.Review of "Shadows of Darkness"
29.Review of "Once a Soldier ..."
30.Review of "October Novel Prep Challenge Group"

September 3rd
31.Review of "Nine: A Divine Metaphor"
32.Review of "365 days"
33.Review of "Jasmine Returns Alternate Beginning"
34.Review of " “ Punxsutawney Phil”s Perspective"
35.Review of "Amazing Colossal Interactive"
36.Review of "Portrait of a Man Consumed by Terror"
37.Review of "" The Boy Who Became A Bear ""
38.Review of "Young & Hungry: the Zack and Alice Story"
39.Review of "The Hunter"
40.Review of "A Time for Thrills - A Support"
41.Review of "A Bold Significance: A Race to Honor"
42.Review of "A Moral Objective: A Vacant Tomorrow"
43.Review of "A Tragic Plight - A Stomach for Mayhem"
44.Review of "Her"

45.Review of "Reaching Out for New Life"
46.Invalid Review
47.Review of "To my Father's Sister"
48.Review of "NaNoWriMo Prep Day 2"
49.Review of "Painting a Sunrise"
50.Invalid Review
51.Review of "Is the Bible a historical document?"
52.Review of "Record holding trinket - 462 collected"
53.Review of "Skyline Scream"

September 4th
54.Review of "Some Like It Evil"
55.Review of "What's Around The Bend?"
56.Review of "Celebrate"
57.Review of "All Might, his feet and a student.."
58.Review of "Blues Music Man"
59.Review of "Willful is the Night"
60.Review of "Little by little"
61.Review of "Comedy Relief for NaNo Writers"
62.Review of "The House Near Fallowfield "
63.Review of "Dominance "
64.Review of "Hop To It"
65.Review of "DREAM STREET"
66.Review of "Wake Up"
67.Review of "The Umbrella"
68.Review of "Crying All Alone at Night"
69.Review of "Final Betrayal"
70.Review of "Daystar"
71.Review of "Bubblegum Jones part 1"
72.Review of "happiness"

September 5th
73.Review of "Horror House"
74.Review of "Pearls of Wisdom (An Anniversary Poem)"
75.Review of "Dev. Kitchen - Exercise 1 Result"
76.Invalid Review
77.Review of "GROWING GOD'S GARDEN: sharing His love"
78.Review of "Just Write Something"
79.Review of "Fall is Here"
80.Review of "The Stampede, 300 Words"
81.Review of "A Whisper of Truth"
82.Review of "Ya Know?"
83.Review of "The Answer Is Prayer"
84.Review of "Dancin' in the Kitchen"
85.Review of "Doll Magic"
86.Review of "Game glitches"
87.Review of "Once Upon a Time "
88.Review of "Flower of Hope"

89.Review of "Love is a Journey"
90.Review of "The Island of Imagination/ Hallucination"
91.Review of "Sleeping feet, Aizawa Shouta and Student"
92.Review of "Grateful Hearts Bring Peace"
93.Review of "Grandmasters Through History"
94.Review of "Gone with the Whim"
95.Review of "PPC Review Log"
96.Review of "Always my Sister"
97.Review of "A Call to Action"

September 6th
98.Review of "Hurricanes of the North"
99.Review of "A Day at the Park, With Pie"
100.Review of "Some Thoughts on "White" Privilege"
101.Review of "It's a Dilly!"
102.Review of "The Highway of Existence"
103.Review of "Eight Christian's that has Shown Love"
105.Invalid Review
106.Review of "Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tale'd"
107.Review of "Snow"
108.Review of "We Met For a Reason"

September 7th
109.Review of "True Silence"
110.Review of "stories in the backyard"
111.Review of "Inhabitable "
112.Review of "Exam!"
113.Review of "Greed & Paper VS Love"
114.Invalid Review
115.Invalid Review
116.Review of "Ink"
117.Review of "Ralph"
118.Review of "Life's Ups and Downs"
119.Review of "Getting Lucky"
120.Review of "Revenge"
121.Review of "WFTH Poetry Winners"
122.Review of "The Dreams (Not finished)"
123.Review of "Indescribable Emotions"
124.Review of "Star"
125.Invalid Review
126.Review of "Under the Mistletoe"

September 8th
127.Review of "God’s will is good to me"
128.Review of "Let Me Be The One"
129.Review of "The Sad Story of Willie Pete"
130.Review of "Kaiba's Prostitute - Part 6"
131.Review of "About Nothing"
132.Review of "Simply Sweet."

133.Review of "A Bird's Nest Haiku"
134.Review of "Calling"
135.Review of "How I Wish"
136.Review of "In Your Arms"
137.Review of "Spit You Out"
138.Review of "Scavenger Hunt"
139.Review of "Giant Hot Guys Character Templates"

September 9th

140.Review of "Responsible Rebellion"
141.Review of "High When Youre Low"
142.Review of " A Woman in Suffering"
143.Review of "Of No Use"
144.Review of "This Aint No Lie"
145.Review of "Memorial Day-Why We never Forget"
146.Review of "Lady In The Window"
147.Review of "The Spitfire Chronicles I&II"
148.Review of "Does Anybody Know What Lane They're In?"
149.Review of "The Soul Catcher "

September 10th

150.Review of "Grandma's Stove, Heart of the Home"
151.Review of "Sleepless Solitude"
152.Review of "Sarah and the Vampire"
153.Review of "Cut Bone"
154.Review of "This is America"
155.Review of "For My Parents"

September 11th

156.Review of "Compulsion"
157.Review of "Mystic Reading (Stranger)"
158.Review of "BOOK"
159.Review of "My Heart - My First Poem Ever"
160.Review of "A whispering sun for my mourning self!"
161.Review of "Mommy, I'm Home"
162.Review of "Abusing Children In Detention"
163.Review of "Revenge"
164.Review of "Final Vows"
165.Review of "Elephant Race"
166.Review of "This Twisted Life"
167.Review of "The Toaster Incident"
168.Review of "Down to the Low"
169.Review of "The Dragon Thief- On Dragons Wings II"

September 12th

170.Review of "Dear Daughter, I'm Fine"
171.Review of "Sometimes on Waking"
172.Review of "Lambs Sold to Wolves"
173.Review of "Allegiance"
174.Review of "Family"
175.Review of "Heads Up"
176.Review of "A Startling Sign"

177.Review of "Trust"
178.Review of "The Merman's Love"
179.Review of "Time For a Change"

September 13th
180.Review of "Unpresent"
181.Review of "Virgin Dreams"
182.Review of "A Conversation with My Father"
183.Review of "Ground Zero"
184.Review of "Leon"
185.Review of "On Fetishes."
186.Review of "Copyright for Authors Looking to Publish"
187.Review of "Roses"
188.Review of "UNPACKING"
189.Review of "Standoff"
190.Review of "Catch and Release"
191.Review of "Masks"
192.Review of "The Corpse Reader "

September 14th
193.Review of "The Spirit Lover"
194.Review of "Hanukkah"
195.Review of "A Poet's Questions"
196.Review of "Carnage"
197.Review of "The Feast"
198.Invalid Review
199.Review of "A Dream"
200.Review of "Memento Mori"

September 15th
201.Review of "Morning"
202.Review of "Oooops! I did it now!"
203.Review of "Spinning Top"
204.Review of "Wrath"
205.Review of "🏆 Woe Is Me - - (Editor's Pick)"
206.Review of "My Moment as a musical Celebrity"
207.Review of "Flowers"
208.Review of "Is Charlton Heston in Hell?"
209.Review of "A Work So Humbling"
210.Review of "I'm Lonly Now."
211.Review of "He Said, She Said"
212.Invalid Review
213.Review of "I've dreamt the lines"

September 16th
214.Review of "The One Who Stayed"
215.Review of "Irish Blessings"
216.Review of "The Beginning"
217.Review of "The Missing Black Pair"
218.Review of "Writing.Com 101"
219.Review of "the sun enflamed a thousand clouds"
220.Review of "Writing about Faith... "

221.Review of "The Writer"
222.Review of "9-11"
223.Review of "NaNo Prep 101: Wk 1:Prt 1 Exercises"

September 17th
224.Review of "Just Another Morning at the Front"
225.Review of "Dancing shoes in a size 6. . .6. . ."
226.Review of "MANGO--award winner"
227.Review of "Under a Blood Moon"
227.Review of "Not The Best"
228.Review of "The Story Behind The Song"
229.Review of "NaNo Prep 101: Wk 1, Pt 2"
230.Review of "The Performance"
231.Review of "VIQ"
232.Review of "My, my, my... Time Does Fly..."
233.Review of "FIRST WATCH"

September 18th
234.Review of "That Old Targa Monster"
235.Review of "The Case of the Man in the Mummy's Case"
236.Review of "Music For The Forever Present"
237.Review of "Everything will be okay You'll see Ch2"
238.Review of "Writing.Com 101"
239.Review of "Shopping Spree"
240.Review of "Chapter 1"
241.Review of "Hiding out with Wilson"
242.Review of "Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox"
243.Review of "Poems for the Month of Fast"
244.Review of "Another Bad Limerick"
245.Review of "It's All About The Trees"

September 19th
246.Review of "Seduction"
247.Review of "Raffeel (The Four Kingdoms)"
248.Review of "April Fools"
249.Review of "At The Buffet Table"
250.Review of "Amazonian Umbrella Bird"
251.Review of "S01E03 "O Spider, Here Is Thy Sting""
252.Review of "A Fight for Their Lives"
253.Review of "What To Do This Time Of Year?"
254.Review of "The Honey Scented Soul"
255.Review of "A Moving Day"
256.Review of "The Heart of a Christian"
257.Review of "Irony"
258.Review of "Cabin Fever"
259.Review of "Hypno-Tryst Chapter Three"

September 20th

260.Review of "The writer in me"
261.Review of "The struggle"
262.Review of "Please let me leave"
263.Review of "Depression"

264.Review of "Now"
265.Review of "88 Keys"
266.Review of "Spooky Echoes"
267.Invalid Review
268.Review of "Is this me?"
269.Review of "I'm a Room Without a Roof"
270.Review of "Dev. Kitchen Lesson 3 - TV & Advertising"

September 21st

271.Review of "SEBASTIAN'S GROVE"
272.Review of "Love Brings"
273.Review of "Follow the White Rabbit"
274.Review of "You've Got That Christmas Feelin'"
275.Review of "Stonehenge"
276.Review of "ISLAM, US & UN: 3 rictameters"
277.Review of "Mother's Day"
278.Review of "YouTubers' Unite (YouTuber fanfiction)"
279.Review of "Mother"

September 22nd

280.Review of "April 4th poems"
281.Review of "Willowsong"
282.Review of "Great Thrown Room"
283.Review of "Well-Hid Panties"
284.Review of "Silent Seduction"
285.Review of "in the shade of the cherry tree"

September 27th
286.Review of "The Dead Poets Society"

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