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Ongoing stories about our rat terrier
Buddy, our rat terrier is filled with surprizes. One of his favorite things to do is take a walk and take care of business. He is good at lifting his leg for what seems like days and then drawing his legs back like a bull to show his masculine toughness. It is the other part of his business that tries our patience. At times it seems like he is storing up his golden nuggets for just the right moment. He does a little dance pirouetting around in a circle a couple times and then looks up at Sharon and I with a big smile. He did it! We had been serenading him with the constant refrain of poop buddy poop, rooting him on. I think the neighbors thought we were crazy.

Then again they do not realize how valuable that these golden nuggets are. After he finishes his business he gets real excited, because he is going to get a treat. In the mean time Sharon and I are fighting over who will pick the golden nuggets. up. There are days when it can seem like forever waiting for something to happen. It could be tempting to want to kill the little fella, because he finds the darnedest places to let loose.

I am reminded of the fairy tale of the goose that laid the golden egg. I think the same story could relate to Buddy. One can not rush the production of the golden nuggets whenever and wherever they might land. The worst thing that could happen is to kill the giver of these marvelous treasures. Just like the killing of the golden goose diminished the giving of treasure, the temptation to do in Buddy for those delectable treasures is sure to stifle the resultant booty. So relatives and friends keep in mind that Buddy is her to stay and if you want any golden nuggets call me. There are plenty to go around.
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