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Newly hired as a footslave to the princess, Toadette takes you through her wild new life.
After struggling for a job, a young adult Toad finally gets accepted at the castle of the mighty Princess Peach. Unfortunately for Toadette, her world is turned on her head when she discovers she has the role of a footslave. Not daring to quit immediately, she pushes through and ends up in scenarios she never imagined in a million years.


Content Warning:
This story deals with topics such as foot fetishism and sexuality. So, if you continue, it's your own fault if you're uncomfortable.


This is a continuous story that is split into chapters.

Before reading, you may want to know this. Chapters 1-8 have been completely rewritten compared to their original postings on DeviantArt. However, they currently lack updated illustrations. They will be given some in the future.

Chapters 9 and onwards are similar to their DeviantArt equivalents, though may contain a few grammatical corrections. All of these will use the original illustrations.

I hope you enjoy this look into Toadette's insane life.
Chapter 1 - I Got Hired? Yay! 18.14k
Chapter 2 - A Rough Start 10.23k
Chapter 3 - You're Not the Princess 10.26k
Chapter 4 - Gambler's Paradise 10.61k
Chapter 5 - Stop Tickling Me! 9.51k
Chapter 6 - Preparation 10.09k
Chapter 7 - Princess Daisy 13.99k
Chapter 8 - The Club 64 Shakeup 10.46k
Chapter 9 - Diva in Distress 12.80k
Chapter 10 - Entering the Tunnels 15.58k
Chapter 11 - Princess Daisy's Ticklish Soles 15.13k
Chapter 12 - Well-Deserved Massage 10.33k
Chapter 13 - Princesses' Origin 10.10k
Chapter 14 - Bathing Her Highness 15.51k
Chapter 15 - Bus Bitches 13.52k
Chapter 16 - A New Lead? 10.44k
Chapter 17 - Dry Dry Detour 11.25k
Chapter 18 - Desert Survival 17.02k
Chapter 19 - Mystic Repayment 13.00k
Chapter 20 - Minh T.'s Foot Massage 7.00k
Chapter 21 - Not Going Barefoot, Princess 12.92k
Chapter 22 - The Ruined Ruins 16.86k
Chapter 22.5 - A Night of Healing 5.53k
Chapter 23 - Exchanging Goods 14.87k
Chapter 24 - Sweat Training 23.85k
Chapter 25 - Storming Shy Guys' Toy Box 19.85k
Chapter 26 - Supreme Darkness 11.08k
Chapter 27 - The Shy Guys' Last Stand 15.68k
Chapter 28 - Vs. General Guy 24.12k
Chapter 29 - Princess Daisy Departs 14.13k
Chapter 30 - Fruity Feet 23.98k
Chapter 31 - Forever Forest Forever 19.94k
Chapter 32 - Boos Among Us 15.63k
Chapter 33 - The Tight Squeeze 17.84k
Chapter 34 - Lady Bow 19.68k
Chapter 35 - Sneakers, Pedicure, Sleep 25.04k
Chapter 36 - Smooth Feet, Bumpy Ride 30.05k
Chapter 37 - The Dive into Mushroom City 20.48k
Chapter 38 - Popcorn Toes 35.65k
Chapter 39 - Breaking Bank at the Arcade 39.85k
Chapter 40 - As Minh T. Wishes 36.15k
Chapter 41 - My First Footjob 43.20k
Chapter 42 - Removing a Foot Fungus 27.11k
Chapter 43 - Minh T.'s Limit Reached 37.68k

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