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Poetry Review Garden offers reviews to all poetry items.

Our alias for easier linking: poetryreview
{item: poetryreview}

Poetry Review Garden Banner

As the sun drops its golden rays,
New leaves will sprout, new flower will grow
Slowly revealing its splendor
From the ebbing mist.
Each day brings new inspiration, new insights
That we, the poets, have to embrace.
Translating these into words
And pen into Poetry.

Poetry is a nature's mirror -
A perfect reflection, an exceptional representation
Manipulated by the hearts and minds of poets.

Merit Badge in Ace of the Verdure
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs Poetry Review Garden Awardicon Frame

Welcome Image

Poetry Review Garden is especially landscaped to bring and encourage everyone to review all types of poems. This is also a place to cultivate and flourish everyone's reviewing style, bloom their community recognition and a place to harvest delightful rewards.

Each review made from this garden will receive credit. And the most exciting part is, you are free to affiliate reviews to any group you belong with. Thus, you will receive multiple credits if your group offers the same. Not only that, our garden Fairies prepared delightful rewards every time you complete the required number of reviews on the Flower Garden.

Line divider-Rules

Please take a moment to read and familiarize the following Rules for Item Plugees and Rules for Reviewers of this activity.
If you already know them, click here to jump directly to the forum.

*Tree2* Please click on the dropnotes to read the rules for item plugs and rules for reviewers below:



*Tree2* Please note that we are not obliged to give all items a review except of course for the VIP garden.

*Tree2* Reviews are coming from any participating members; thus, the reviewing style would definitely vary. We don't guarantee a very in-depth review (but we will give our best to provide one). If you're looking for a very in-depth one (or an editor), this is not a place for you.

*Tree2* Everyone is encouraged to participate in this activity.

Signatures for use:

For Free Membership:

For Upgraded Membership:

Line divider-Helpful Resource

Here are some helpful tips and guides for you:

Linking an item:
"How to Create a B-item Link "   by Pat ~ Rejoice always!
WritingML Help for entry

Reviewing an item:
"On Giving Reviews"   by Roseille ♥
"Guidelines To Great Reviewing by The StoryMistress

Rating an Item:
"How Should I Rate Items on Writing.Com?"   by The StoryMistress
"Comment-In-A-Box"   by The StoryMistress

Line divider-Flower Garden

Below are three (3) different garden - Paid, Reserved and Free garden. Each has corresponding number of reviews required to get rewarded as well as the Reviewer's Rewards which can be in the form of merit badges, awardicons, customized sigs, raffle tickets, gift certificates, review points and many more.

VIP Review Garden Image

[Paid garden for all forms of poetry]
(*Dollar* 1,000 GPs per item)


Double Review credit (from me and partner fairy Samberine Everose) [Guaranteed for each review submitted]

First 15 reviews from this garden gets you:
Merit Badge of your choice
20K GPs worth of raffle ticket
10K GPs worth of GC to "Vibrant Text 'n Image Shop
100 review points

Reserved Review Garden Image

[Reserved garden for all qualified entries from any poetry contests]
(displaying entries from prior month contest round)


Review credit from me [Guaranteed for each review submitted]

At least 15 reviews from this garden in a calendar month gets you:
Merit Badge of my choice
15K GPs worth of raffle ticket
5K GPs worth of GC to "Vibrant Text 'n Image Shop
75 review points

Free Review Garden Image

[Free garden intended for free review requests from
"FREE Poetry Review Request (static), "FREE Poetry Review Request (entry) and poetry picks from "Please Review]
(3 months exposure and at most 10 poetry in Static item and 10 poetry in Book item per person)


Review credit from me [Guaranteed for each review submitted]

At least 15 reviews from this garden in a calendar month gets you:
Merit Badge of your Choice
10K GPs worth of raffle ticket
1K worth of GC to "Vibrant Text 'n Image Shop
50 review points

Line divider-level and promotion

Below are the following levels that you can achieve in participating the activity. Every time you get promoted to the next level, you will be rewarded.

                             Level 1 : Field Hand

                             Level 2 : Kinder Gardener

                             Level 3 : Amateur Gardener

                             Level 4 : Nimble Gardener

                             Level 5 : Savvy Gardener

                             Level 6 : Garden Wiz

                             Level 7 : Super Shoveler

                             Level 8 : Field Savant

                             Level 9 : Gardening Virtuoso

                             Level 10 : Ace of Verdure

                             Level 11 : Field Sage

                             Level 12 : Verdant Connoisseur

                             Level 13 : Master of the Verdure

Line divider-The Flowers

Here are the submitted flowers (items) for review in their respected garden. Feel free to choose which item you like to review. Reviewing all will give you most of the rewards.

VIP Review Garden Image

Reserved Review Garden Image

[Reserve poetry from any WDC poetry contests]

From "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest:

From "Personify Writing Contest Poetry Only:

From "Poetry Topic of the Month Contest:

From "Poetry Contest and Inspiration:

From "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest:

From "The Lighthouse Poetry Contests:

From "The Whatever Contest -- Closes Oct. 2:

From "Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest:

From "Spirits at Lighthouses Contest:

From "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest:

Free Review Garden Image

[Free Poetry Plug]

FREE Poetry Review Request (static)  (E)
A place to request item reviews for Poetry.
#2266347 by GERVIC

FREE Poetry Review Request (entry)  (E)
A place to request item reviews for Poetry.
#2266350 by GERVIC

Please Review  (E)
This is a page to request reviews for static items and books.
#819237 by Writing.Com Support

Review poems written by our Newbies here  

Line divider-The Gardeners

this is a complete list of gardeners (reviewers) with their completed reviews.

Phantastic Line Divider
April 2022

Christmas Sox
April 2022 RoM [Rinsoxy]


Check out the "Poetry Review Garden Hall of Fame
Phantastic Line Divider

Gardeners' standing, progress and scores can also be viewed here
Gardeners' Progress and Scores  (E)
Poetry Review Garden Scores
#2266433 by GERVIC

*Sun* denotes an already credited reviews
*Moon* denotes a credited review but doesn't qualify towards your review count and scores
*TreeFall* denotes a review that a host failed to credit due to some circumstances

[1] Lilli, Coffee Elf ☕️ 🧿 View Reviews

[2] Solace.Bring View Reviews

[3] Have a Joyous and Blessed Xmas View Reviews

[4] Sherasi View Reviews

[5] A E Willcox View Reviews

[6] eyestar~offline View Reviews

[7] dennis23468 View Reviews

[8] dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG View Reviews

[9] 🌻 pwheeler Joy to the world View Reviews

[10] Christmas Sox View Reviews

[11] Andy~hating university View Reviews


This is to show the reviews completed by the host and co-host of this activity.
These won't qualify for any rewards but are eligible for review credits.

GERVIC View Reviews

Samberine Everose View Reviews

Line divider-Review Booster

Here are some other ways to earn scores other than reviewing:

                   +5 points if you affiliate your review to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group
                   +50 points if you donate at least 50K GPs to this activity

Line divider-Fairies and Supporters

A special thanks the my Garden Fairy partner Samberine Everose for the shiny green ribbon that graces the page and for co-hosting this activity.

Special mention to Lilli, Coffee Elf ☕️ 🧿 for sharing her thoughts and ideas during the landscaping of this activity.

A million thanks to the following GP donators:

🌻 pwheeler Joy to the world for graciously donating 55,555 GPs [A Beary Big Hug MB sent]
dennis23468 for gifting 15,110 GPs
Christmas Sox for graciously donating 100,000 GPs [Ace of the Verdure MB sent]
Adherennium- Don't Open Before for donating 50,000 GPs through "Exquisite Flower Basket Auction [closed] [A Beary Big Hug MB sent]
Sherasi for an updated donation of 22,145 GPs [incentive delivered]
Lilli, Coffee Elf ☕️ 🧿 for gifting 17,000 GPs
Solace.Bring for donating 40,200 GPs [incentive delivered]

This activity is new and will launch on February 1st. The activity is badly needing help with gift points donation to fund the soon-to-be commissioned merit badges and awardicons. A special reward will be given to those who donate.

Any donation that reaches
                   20K gets you a Free 10K worth of GC to my shop
                   50K gets you an MB of your choice
                   200K gets you the soon-to-be commissioned MB
                   300K gets you the soon-to-be commissioned Ribbon
                   500K gets you the soon-to-be commissioned Medal
                   800K gets you the soon-to-be commissioned Plaque


Please support this fundraiser that benefits this activity:
Exquisite Flower Basket Auction [closed]  (E)
An auction and raffle to benefit the Poetry Review Garden.
#2265985 by GERVIC


Please DO NOT create a new post for Sign-ups and Free Item Plug. Please use the pinned thread for Sing-ups.

Add your FREE poetry plugs here:
"FREE Poetry Review Request (static) or "FREE Poetry Review Request (entry)
Only create a new post for VIP Poetry Plug.

Please label your review if it's a VIP, Reserved, or a Free review. Sometimes, it's hard for me to determine which garden your review is for. Thank you for your cooperation!

Line divider-Thank you

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