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by Seuzz
Rated: 18+ · Book · Reference · #2180628
Reference-work for "The Book of Masks," "The Wandering Stars," and "Student Bodies."
The interactives "The Book of Masks," "The Wandering Stars," and "Student Bodies" share an overlapping universe. Characters and settings are the same, but the magical universes are not.

This wiki is meant to be a reference resource for that universe.

Spoiler Warning: Reference material may contain spoilers for storylines.
Characters: -A- 7.02k
Characters: -B- 8.82k
Characters: -C- 11.91k
Characters: -D- 6.99k
Characters: -E- 2.79k
Characters: -F- 2.93k
Characters: -G- 12.48k
Characters: -H- 7.15k
Characters: -I- 0.05k
Characters: -J- 2.65k
Characters: -K- 5.16k
Characters: -L- 3.67k
Characters: -M- 11.05k
Characters: -N- 2.64k
Characters: -O- 4.27k
Characters: -P- 5.88k
Characters: -Q- 0.06k
Characters: -R- 7.67k
Characters: -S- 8.92k
Characters: -T- 3.81k
Characters: -U- 0.05k
Characters: -V- 19.99k
Characters: -W- 4.47k
Characters: -X- 0.05k
Characters: -Y- 0.93k
Characters: -Z- 2.44k
Characters: Social Group Dynamics 22.13k
Characters: St. Francis Xavier School 1.58k
Fane: History and Corporate Structure 17.05k
Fane: Dark Stars 26.49k
Location: Blackwell's Villa 10.59k
Location: The Warehouse 13.73k
Magic: A Practical Guide to Writing Magic for BoM 21.47k
Magic: The Metaphysics of Magic in BoM 29.33k
Magic: The Libra Personae 41.27k
Magic: The Stellae Errantes 30.09k
Magic: Sigils 4.43k
Plot: Events 5.40k
Plot: Magical Items at Start of BoM 1.94k
Plot: Mitchells and Mystery Boxes 13.19k
Eastman High School: Curriculum 45.86k
Eastman High School: Teacher Schedules 45.83k
Eastman High School: Student Schedules 39.56k
Eastman High School: Sports 50.54k
St. Francis Xavier School: Curriculum 69.42k
St. Francis Xavier School: Teacher Schedules 37.31k
St. Francis Xavier School: Student Schedules 31.91k
St. Francis Xavier School: Class Rosters 46.49k
Westside High School: Curriculum 74.28k
Westside High School: Music Groups 10.13k
Westside High School: Clubs 5.40k
Westside High School: Romantic Couples 9.23k
Westside High School: Romantic Possibles 34.63k
Documents on Request 0.61k

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