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The Fundamentals of Psychosis.
It sucks to have a cock. Your sex drive can be triggered by a bump in the road.
Somewhere, in natural selection humanity went cock crazy. I suppose it happened
when the first tool was invented and we became more sedentary ... Towns grew up
around the blacksmith and the iron forge. Out the fire hot steel was molded into chains.+
In the span of evolution we are a young race with a cock in our hands.

Imagine a world with less people fucking it up.

You can do it if you try.

Sarah is a lovely slender maid of 16... She wants cock.
Ricki is a horny man of 23 and he has had her. Sarah has noticed inflammation in her
vagina... Ricki has passed a venereal disease to her and she has and turned to narcotics
and booze to forget her itch... This is a common story.

I am ashamed to say that I lust after women and young maids of 16.
However, it is only an impulse, like hunger.. It can be suppressed.
When my cock is aroused by my baser instincts
I ask myself, "Where am I going?" I have been raised to consider consequences.

I am free of V.D. and the burden of raising children. If I have sex it is usually with a nurse.
Nurses make the best prostitutes. .. They know good hygene and how to give a deep massage.
Consider, the AIDS epidemic and population bomb in the third world.

Is it moral to have more children?

Always use a condom.

My G spot is my writing..

Have you had sex today? Will you masturbate? Will you feel guilty about sex? Always lube.

A little yarn for Eros~

Miss Henni was a proper school teacher, who had never married.
She went to Sunday Mass and made monthly confessions.
One snow day, Sarah Brothy visited the young school teacher.
Miss Henni made some herbal tea and offered biscuts.
The two young maids sat by a warm crackling fire.

Sarah confessed to the school teacher that she had an unnatural
attraction for her.
Miss Henni smiled, "My dear you are too young to know your feelings."
Sarah stood up before the fire an let her dress fall.
She stood naked before the light of the fire.
Miss Henni's mouth was very dry and she gulped her tea.

"What makes you so thirsty?" Sarah asked with a smirk.
Miss Henni stood up and slipped off her dress.
The two maids stood naked with only inches between them.
Miss Henni kissed Sarah and they embraced.
They lay in passionate love on the rug before the fire.

Sarah giggled, "I bet my boy friend I could fuck you."
The girl pointed to her cell phone above the hearth.
"It's a live video." Sarah laughed wickedly.
Miss Henni crawled back, pushing Sarah off her.
"You've ruined my life! Why?" the school teacher sobbed.
"It's fun." Sarah said with a toothy smile and masturbated.

Reflections: Is life as simple as a rule book?


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