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The Royal Wedding. Fictional and personal views of Princesses and Queens.
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The Royal Wedding
*Crown*I loved the Royal Wedding. I love fairy tales and Medieval times so I was in Heaven when I watched this. This was like watching Cinderella marry her Prince Charming. When I watched Prince William and Prince Harry walk into Westminister Abbey, the girl I worked with said the Princes were so handsome and don't you just love them? I said: "Yes, I do." I loved Princess Diana and I watched her Wedding thirty years ago and I was planning my Wedding as well at that time. I had a beautiful Wedding but of course it wasn't like the Royal Wedding but this wedding bought back memories of my own.

I got a kick out of the hats the women wore and I especially liked the woman who wore a red hat to the side with a black dress. Princess Beatrice's pink hat was interesting and she has big eyes and she was beautiful. This got me into wearing hats and head bands. I enjoy being cool even though I don't live in England. I can enjoy their fashions. Elton John walked in with his friend and I had always loved Elton John. I can't get over how big and beautiful Westminister Abbey is. It is over a thousand years old. This beautiful structure has witnessed a lot of royal weddings, crownings of Kings, Queens and funerals. I remembered watching Princess Diana's funeral. I felt sad but I feel her spirit was there and was happy for her son Prince William.

*Crown*Kate Middleton. I just adore her. She looked beautiful in her white Wedding dress and I liked the lacey bodice. She looked so happy as she walked down the red carpet and a veil covered her face. I am glad the train wasn't so long. Prince William thought she was beautiful as well. I liked the red jacket he wore. They looked like a Prince and Princess in a fairy tale. The Wedding party were dressed like men of the Medieval times and it was a nice touch. Little children were part of the Wedding party and this was nice. I loved the Wedding and the singing. Wasn't it neat when they left in an old carriage? I thought maybe they would leave in a Cinderella gold carriage like the one Princess Diana arrived in years ago for her Wedding. I enjoyed watching how the black and white horses marched in step and didn't miss a beat. I loved when Prince William and Princess Kate or should I say: Duke and Duchess shared a kiss on the beautiful balcony? Later, Prince William and his bride drove away in a sports car. The wedding was perfect and beautiful. What I wouldn't have given to be there in London for that special day. I am part English and I live in the USA and with all the problems in the world, I am thankful that a beautiful Royal Wedding was taking place in England. I am a big fan of romance and this gave people a reason to smile and forget their problems for a day. The Royal Wedding. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I am glad I got to watch it on TV and I wish William and Kate all the best. I love them. It's a love story and a fairy tale.

Beautiful Royal Wedding couple and coach image by best friend Angel.

I love the medieval times and fantasy items but I have trouble writing about them. So, I am going to write stories about Princesses and Queens from their point of view. Not all Princesses live happily ever after. These aren't fairy tales. I hope you will enjoy these and I will do a good job with these. I play a Princess here so I hope that you will play along with me.

I have been writing stories of Princesses and Queens here lately but I write them as short stories or what ever way I choose to do so. Thanks! Hugs: Megan
Beautiful Poser of Princess, unicorns and castle by Angel.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Coronation 1.42k
Chapter 2 Queen Elizabeth 2 1.79k
Chapter 3 Meeting Queen Elizabeth 1 2.93k
Chapter 4 Meghan, Kate and My Thoughts 1.46k
Chapter 5 Princess And Her Crown 1.03k
Chapter 6 Prince Harry and Meghan's Wedding 2.16k
Chapter 7 Princess Juliet Part 3 2.98k
Chapter 8 Princess Juliet Part 2 3.49k
Chapter 9 Medieval Love Story: Taylor's Song: Princess Juilet 2.28k
Chapter 10 Countess/Princess April Cassadine 1.53k
Chapter 11 Princess Shilah 4.20k
Chapter 12 A Princess and Her Pirate 2.82k
Chapter 13 Queen Ursela 1.94k
Chapter 14 Exiled Princess 4.22k
Chapter 15 Grief Of The Princesses 2.08k
Chapter 16 Princess and Queen Stories: A Different Direction 0.37k
Chapter 17 Princess Daminia 2.45k
Chapter 18 Princess Emerald 1.76k
Chapter 19 Princess Felicity 2.30k
Chapter 20 Queen Autumn 2.48k
Chapter 21 Princess Denise 3.83k
Chapter 22 Princess Adriana 2.69k
Chapter 23 Queen Rose 2.73k
Chapter 24 Princess Moira 2.77k
Chapter 25 Princess Marlena, Princess Raven 3.58k
Chapter 26 Princess/ Queen Jeannie 4.90k
Chapter 27 Princess Angelique 3.49k
Chapter 28 Queen Nessy 2.59k
Chapter 29 Princess Sapphire 1.89k
Chapter 30 Princess Allurya 3.54k
Chapter 31 Princess Elizabeth 3.26k
Chapter 32 Queen Amanda 2.25k
Chapter 33 Princess Arabella 5.13k

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